April 2018

In a Coma for Over a Week!

  On April 8, a 66-yr-old man was headed home on the MetroLink minding his own business. That’s when 27-yr-old Dominique Hightower attacked the older man and beat him so bad that the victim has been hospitalized almost two weeks. News reports indicate that the victim only recently awoke from a coma that lasted for over a week! All of this occurred, yet again, in a ‘Gun Free Zone’ here

We Are Running Out of Time!

We are running out of time to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri, and I need your help. As you know, Missouri is just covered with areas where you and I cannot carry a firearm for self-defense. And as we have seen in the news over and over, these are exactly the kinds of places so often targeted by madmen looking to rack up a body count! Churches, sports