September 2016

Missouri Passes Constitutional Carry -- You Did It!

‘There is no way you’ll ever pass Constitutional Carry in Missouri in one year — Bloomberg will block you, the minority party will filibuster you, and the media will annihilate you. It can’t be done.’ That’s what one Capitol insider in Jefferson City told us back in January, when we began our fight to make Missouri the next Constitutional Carry state! And let me tell you, he wasn’t far off.

Today is the Day - Stand Up for the 2nd Amendment!

Today is the day. Our nine month fight to advance Constitutional Carry legislation here in Missouri all comes down to today! Thanks to all of your calls, emails, and Facebook messages to your Representative and Senator during the 2016 legislative session, Constitutional Carry legislation (SB 656) passed out of the legislature with massive majorities! But outgoing Governor Jay Nixon, who’s always been more interested in advancing his personal gun control

One Week From Now!

“This is too close to call, pressure is mounting on both sides of the issue, it’s going to come down to the wire.” That’s what one Capitol insider told me this morning about the vote next week to override Governor Nixon’s faulty veto of Constitutional Carry legislation (SB 656) after its incredible 114 – 36 passage through the House and its 24 – 8 passage through the Senate earlier this