April 2016

Missouri: Constitutional Carry Passes the House!

BOOM! You did it! Late yesterday, the Missouri House of Representatives passed HB 1468 (Constitutional Carry legislation) by a veto-proof majority vote of 109-36, with two legislators voting “present!” This outstanding vote result is a direct reflection of each and every one of your calls, emails, and Facebook notes to your legislators as the grassroots pressure for this bill has built since early January! Thank you, so much, for all

Missouri: Status on Constitutional Carry!

We were so close, but rest assured, this fight is far from over. Wednesday was a frustrating day in the Capitol in Jefferson City, to be sure. Constitutional Carry legislation (HB 1468) made it to the Floor for a vote, after all of your calls and emails. What should have been an easy vote on this straightforward concept became much more difficult when other, well-meaning legislators, loaded HB 1468 up

Bloomberg and His Front Groups Have Set Their Sights on Missouri - Act Now!

It’s an all-out battle here in Jefferson City — and I need your help today. As we’ve been warning you about for weeks now, anti-gun organizations, like those funded by out of state billionaire Michael Bloomberg, are now mobilizing their people and doing everything they can to derail passage on Constitutional Carry legislation in the House! And they may be successful unless you and I can turn up the heat

Constitutional Carry Moved to the Perfection Calendar - Your Calls Needed!

Boom! Thanks to your calls and emails, Constitutional Carry legislation (HB 1468) has been moved onto the Perfection Calendar – in other words, it’s now eligible for a debate and vote in the full House of Representatives! Getting this vote is an absolute critical first step in finding out which legislators in Jefferson City support your gun rights and which ones are just talking a good game, knowing that this