May 2018

Fwd: Video Update on Survey Program!

                May 29, 2018  The primary elections, the only elections that really matter here in Missouri, will be here before you know it. As Missouri’s voice for gun owners, MOFC has just kicked off a statewide candidate survey program as we work to get all the candidates on the record for or against your right to keep and bear arms. This program is

Aiding and Abetting Mass Murder!

86 minutes. The Houston Chronicle waited 86 minutes before they began beating the drum for gun control, in the wake of a mass shooting at a Houston metro school this morning that has claimed 10 lives so far. Honestly, I’m surprised that it took that long. You see, the playbook for the radical left is always the same: wait for a tragedy, make sure our propaganda talking points run around

Fwd: Video Update on Gun Legislation!

                May 15, 2018  We are down to the wire in Jefferson City. With an adjournment scheduled for this week, the legislature has refused to put H.B. 1936 on the floor for an up or down vote! To give you an idea of what’s at stake, I’ve asked our Policy Advisor, Aaron Dorr, to produce a short video update. You can watch it

Gun Rights Legislation on the Move!

                May 10, 2018  There is one week left in the 2018 legislative session. One last week to pressure the legislature to advance HB 1936, our bill to end the deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ that are all over Missouri. The Missouri legislature hasn’t moved a single gun bill for two years now, even while states all over the country are doing exactly that.

Gun Rights Legislation on the Move!

                May 4, 2018  Last week, Senate Bill 1212 passed the House by a vote of 59-28! Last night, it passed the Senate by a vote of 33-9 and is now on the Governor’s desk. Insiders tell us the Governor is likely to sign the bill –- making Oklahoma the 14th Constitutional Carry state! That’s right, this expansion of Second Amendment freedom is

Don't Let Them Kill It!

                May 1, 2018  BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg must be grinning from ear to ear . . . Even after passing Missouri’s “Gun Free Zone” Repeal Bill (H.B. 1936) through both the House Rules and General Laws Committees, “pro-Second Amendment” legislative leaders appear scared of their own shadows. Whether it’s out of fear of the changing political winds and the newly energized