June 2017

Free Membership Decals!

As a supporter of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, I wanted you to be among the first to know that we have just received 25,000 new membership decals in the office. The best part –- we’re giving them away for free! These decals are an excellent way for you to show your support in the Second Amendment as well as the Missouri Firearms Coalition. And with gun-control advocates clamoring for ever

The Unhinged Liberal Left!

In the wake of today’s assassination attempt in Washington D.C., gun-control advocates like Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe are already trotting out the predictable demand for more gun control. Never mind the fact that the shooter already had passed a background check in his home state of Illinois — proving how worthless those checks are in the first place. And never mind the fact that study after study shows us that

A Gun Needs Ammo!

Most of us have taken the time to seek out training in the safe and effective use of our firearms, so that should the need arise, we know how to defend our family. We owe our family nothing less. In the same way, we owe it to our children and grandchildren to be able to defend their future gun rights by being trained in how to defend them in Jefferson