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Accomplishments Overview


PASSED Stand-Your-Ground law; allowing Missourians to defend themselves against violent criminals without having to retreat.

FORCED PASSAGE of Castle Doctrine Expansion law; which allows innocent third parties to defend themselves while a guest on your property.

FORCED PASSAGE of Lifetime Carry Permit law; allowing Missourians who still want a permit to not deal with a government bureaucracy every five years

Firearms Freedom

PASSED Constitutional Carry Legislation; allowing Missourians to carry a firearm without needing a government permit.

DEFEEATED EVERY ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban filed; which would make Missourians felons for buying an AR-15 (or hundreds of similar firearms) or the magazines that feed them.

Government Overreach

PASSED the Second Amendment Preservation Act; which requires Missouri cops to ignore federal gun control legislation or executive actions, while enforcing Missouri laws that deal with firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

DEFEATED EVERY Universal Background Check bill filed; which would make Missourians felons for buying or selling firearms without getting government permission first.

DEFEATED EVERY Red Flag Gun Seizure bill filed; which would allows liberal judges to order the confiscation of firearms before a Missourians has been convicted of anything.

Elected Official Accountability

EXPOSED Anti-Gun Politicians at Election Time; using direct mail, email, radio/TV ads, digital and internet ads. This has led to countless moderates being booted out of office by gun owners, paving the way for us to pass more legislation.