City & County Legislation

Hundreds of Gun Grabbers Hit the Capitol! Fight Back!

If you ever thought that your gun rights were perfectly safe here in Missouri, that you can afford to sit back and not engage in this fight, you need to see the picture below! You see, just a few weeks ago, between 500-1,000 America- hating gun grabbers — brought to Jeff City on buses paid for by Michael Bloomberg — slammed into the Capitol demanding the most radical gun control

UPDATE: Hearing Delayed on the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

The committee hearing on the Second Amendment Preservation Act (S.B. 558) as well as legislation to repeal deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ (S.B. 663,) which was scheduled to take place tomorrow morning, has been delayed due to the impending snowstorm. The legislature all but closed the door on the Capitol today mid-morning, as lawmakers headed home before the storm arrives. This is the second time that the Senate Transportation Committee has

St. Louis Committee May Take Up Gun Ban Tomorrow!

As we’re been warning you for some time, St. Louis Alderwoman Lyda Krewson is working to pass legislation to ban virtually all semi-automatic firearms in St. Louis! What’s more, the bill, BB195, has been placed into the Public Safety Committee for further consideration — and that committee meets tomorrow morning at 10:00 am! That’s why I need you to contact the members of the Public Safety Committee right way, letting

St. Louis Moves On All Semi-Autos!

It’s worse that we thought. Last week, I warned you about a proposed ban on AR-15’s in St. Louis, being pushed by notoriously anti-gun Alderwoman Lyda Krewson. Now that the bill (BB195) has been published, we know a lot more about Krewson’s radical plans for your Second Amendment rights. To be blunt, she wants to gut your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones from violent criminals — continuing

The City of St. Louis is Trying to Ban AR-15’s Tonight!

Some people never learn. Despite our pre-emption law that clearly denies them the ability to pass local gun control proposals, the City of St. Louis will be hearing a gun-control proposal at their Board of Alderman meeting tonight! That’s why I hope you can take a moment to contact some key officials, before tonight’s hearing on these incredible proposals. Here’s what’s going on. As you all know, the City of