January 2020

Ending Gun Free Zones, Stopping Red Flags, 2020 Elections...Where Should We Focus?

The 2020 legislative session in Jeff City is well underway, and I have been working for days to finalize our legislative goals for the year, along with the budget we need to run our legislative and election programs. But I’m going to be honest with you, the situation in Jeff City is rapidly deteriorating.  In fact, I don’t remember a time when the momentum was so against gun owners in all

Texas Church Shooting Hero!

By now you’ve seen the viral video from the White Settlement, Texas church shooting that occurred in late December. As you likely remember, the suspect got off two rounds with a 12 gauge shotgun before being shot in the head by an armed deacon, ending the attack before it could spread. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, recently gave the deacon who ended the attack the Governor’s Medal of Courage,

A New Tool in the Fight for Gun Rights!

Dear Debra, Do you ever get the idea that your lawmakers only want to hear from you every two years, when they are looking for your votes around the time of their re-election? If you’ve ever thought that way, it’s because it’s true. Sure, they may shake your hand at a county function or give you 30 seconds at a forum one Saturday every couple of months, but that’s mostly a

Legislative Session Begins Today in Jeff City – Take Action!

In two days, the 2020 legislative session will kick off in Jeff City, meaning our fight to defend and expand our Second Amendment rights just went into high gear! And while it’s only the first week of the new session, I need you to take immediate action so that lawmakers know what we demand of them during this 2020 session. We all know what’s at state. Governor Parson has made it clear