Texas Church Shooting Hero!

By now you’ve seen the viral video from the White Settlement, Texas church shooting that occurred in late December.

As you likely remember, the suspect got off two rounds with a 12 gauge shotgun before being shot in the head by an armed deacon, ending the attack before it could spread.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, recently gave the deacon who ended the attack the Governor’s Medal of Courage, the highest honor a civilian can receive in Texas, for his actions that day!

Of course, that shooting is just one of dozens of church shootings that have taken place over the years, as gun owners are forbidden from carrying in church in many states.

In fact, right here in Missouri, it is a criminal offense for you and me to carry in church unless you’ve received special permission from your church to do so!

So while Texas celebrates the man who stopped a church shooting spree soon after it began, lawmakers in Missouri are willing to see you go to jail for doing the same thing.

That should make your blood boil!

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition has worked with Senator Eric Burlison and Representative Jered Taylor to file SB 663/HB 1638 –- legislation that would repeal these deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ in Missouri!

But as you likely know, this legislation has been held up for a long time in Jefferson City by legislative moderates who are worried about blow-back from liberal media outlets.

And that’s why your lawmakers need to hear from you today, insisting that they cosponsor and vote for this legislation this session!

As you will see, our new online advocacy system will allow you to not only email your lawmakers, but you can also communicate with them via phone, Twitter, and video messages as well.

In fact, feel free to do all four!

Lawmakers in Jeff City work for us, but many like to forget about that once they are back in the Capitol surrounded by lobbyists and reporters, making them feel important.

That’s why I hope you’ll take action right away, reminding these lawmakers that with elections right around the corner, you expect them to deliver for gun owners in Missouri!

If you’re not yet a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, become one now!

If you are a member already, please make a donation to help us run our programs, as we are spending thousands of dollars per week in online and direct mail advocacy programs as we work to crank up the heat in Jeff City.

Whatever you do, please fire off your emails immediately, then forward this email to a friend!

For Missouri,

Dr. Curt Frazier
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently gave a medal to a Texas man who shot and killed a would-be mass killer, moments after he opened fire in a Texas church last month.

Here in Missouri, carrying a firearm in a church is illegal for you and me thanks to Missouri’s ‘Gun Free Zone’ policy!

Senator Eric Burlison and Representative Jered Taylor have filed legislation to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ -– but your lawmaker needs to do his job by cosponsoring the bill.

Email your lawmaker right away and insist that he support
this legislation


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