June 2016

Statement on Orlando

Like all of you, I watched the news coming out of Orlando last weekend with a pit in my stomach. 50 dead. Even more than that wounded. As an ER physician with more than 3 decades of experience, I can imagine the overwhelming amount of pressure placed on the first responders and medical personnel who were tasked with trying to save as many lives as they could. I also know

Pressure Mounting on Gov. Nixon to Sign Constitutional Carry Into Law!

“If Nixon vetoes, it’ll be Koster who pays the price – Nixon would be a fool to do that to his own party. This gubernatorial race is going to come down to the wire, if gun owners turn on Koster, he’s toast!” That’s what a lifetime member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition told me in a recent phone call, inquiring about the status of SB 656, and whether or not