May 2016

Two Days Left to Pass Constitutional Carry!

“This is going to come down to the wire. Bloomberg’s hitting them on the TV, but gun owners are hammering back and flooding their offices with calls and emails – it could go either way.” This is what I was just told by one of my sources in the Capitol, as the battle for Constitutional Carry reaches a fevered pitch. Sure, a billionaire from NYC is using his funds to

Anti-Gun Activist Michael Bloomberg on the Ground in Missouri!

We’re down to the wire in Jefferson City — and we need your immediate action! As we’ve been warning about for months, NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg kicked off a statewide TV ad campaign TODAY, trying to kill Constitutional Carry legislation and force you to live your life the way he sees fit! And I have to tell you, normally resolute legislators are thinking about “cutting and running” from this solid,

Missouri: Constitutional Carry Alive in the Senate!

Thanks to your hard work, the pressure is at an all-time high in Jefferson City! First off, Constitutional Carry legislation (HB 1468) is still active in the Senate Committee and awaiting a vote, and we’re hearing first hand reports of how many calls, emails, and Facebook messages they are getting from you. Keep it up! At the same time, we’ve been growing concerned about the calendar for some time. Session

Constitutional Carry Vote Delayed - Crank Up the Heat!

Things are hectic here in Jefferson City, as we’re down to the final few days of the 2016 legislative session. I’ll be blunt, we need your help! Here’s what we know. The Senate Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety Committee was going to vote on this bill today, but that vote has been delayed until tomorrow. Politics runs on momentum and delays like these should concern gun owners throughout Missouri. That’s

Senate Committee Likely to Hear Constitutional Carry This Week - Call Now!

I know that we all have busy lives, especially over the weekend, and that’s why I’m re-sending you the alert the Missouri Firearms Coalition put out last Saturday. Having passed the House, Constitutional Carry legislation (HB 1468) has been placed into the Senate Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Safety Committee, which should meet this Wednesday. Insiders are reporting to me that the vote on this bill should take place then –