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Aiding and Abetting Mass Murder!

86 minutes. The Houston Chronicle waited 86 minutes before they began beating the drum for gun control, in the wake of a mass shooting at a Houston metro school this morning that has claimed 10 lives so far. Honestly, I’m surprised that it took that long. You see, the playbook for the radical left is always the same: wait for a tragedy, make sure our propaganda talking points run around

In a Coma for Over a Week!

  On April 8, a 66-yr-old man was headed home on the MetroLink minding his own business. That’s when 27-yr-old Dominique Hightower attacked the older man and beat him so bad that the victim has been hospitalized almost two weeks. News reports indicate that the victim only recently awoke from a coma that lasted for over a week! All of this occurred, yet again, in a ‘Gun Free Zone’ here

We Are Running Out of Time!

We are running out of time to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri, and I need your help. As you know, Missouri is just covered with areas where you and I cannot carry a firearm for self-defense. And as we have seen in the news over and over, these are exactly the kinds of places so often targeted by madmen looking to rack up a body count! Churches, sports

Assault Weapons Ban!

Emboldened by the passage of the Feinstein-pushed FIX-NICS bill, the radical gun-grabbers in Washington D.C. are trying to keep the momentum going! Their next goal: banning so called ‘assault weapons.’ In fact, Senator Feinstein’s newly filed Assault Weapons Ban would specifically ban 196 different semi-automatic firearms! 196! To be clear, none of the guns on this list are full-auto military firearms. Not one! This list of everyday semi-automatic firearms includes

Pro-Gun Bill Passes Rules Committee!

Great news! Thanks to your calls and emails, the House Rules Committee passed H.B. 1936 this afternoon by a vote of 8–3! I can’t tell you enough just how crucial your grassroots activism was in making this happen. After the massive gun control rallies that took place across Missouri last weekend, many lawmakers were getting nervous about fighting for the Second Amendment. Your constant pressure helped to ensure that the

Gun Bill Hearing Set for TOMORROW!

We have some great news to report, and we need your help! Thanks in no small measure to all of your calls and emails, H.B. 1936 has been scheduled for a hearing THIS WEDNESDAY! Now the hard part begins. In case you missed our video that we posted on our Facebook page of the Bloomberg-funded gun control rally in St. Louis last weekend — you may not know that stopping

Bloomberg Funded War in Missouri!

“This is crazy! I never thought I’d live to see so many people in Missouri fighting to destroy the Second Amendment. I need to become a member now!” That’s what John, from Kirksville, told us over the phone last night as many of you have contacted us about the massive gun control protests going on in Missouri — and across the nation — this weekend. Simply put, many Missourians were

Attack in Maryland!

Tuesday morning the Fake News, anti-gun lawmakers, and gun control groups were jumping up and down as another school shooting was playing out on national TV. Like all of the shootings before it, gun grabbers were hoping to use the news of the Maryland school shooting to further their ant-gun agenda. But by noon, the story seemingly vanished. That’s because — far from making the case for gun control —

Now's Just Not a Good Time...

“With all that’s going on, now is just not a good time to advance a pro-gun bill…” This is the phrase that MOFC staff are hearing all too often in the Capitol right now, as we work to make sure that ‘Gun Free Zones’ are eliminated here in Missouri. Frankly, it almost makes my blood boil when I hear this. You see, weak kneed lawmakers in Jeff City are trying