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Nine State Gun Rights Organizations Oppose National Reciprocity in Its Current Form!

Contact: Alexandra Salsman Contact: 573.338.4206 Email: [email protected] On election night in 2016, gun owners saw their dreams come true as Hillary Clinton was defeated and President Trump was elected, thanks in no small measure to the tireless efforts of grassroots gun owners. After eight years of fighting with President Obama’s Administration to defend our gun rights, many gun owners assumed that 2017-2020 would be our chance to go on the offense in Washington D.C.

Stand With Us and Fight for the Second Amendment!

Thank you for signing up to receive free Second Amendment updates from the Missouri Firearms Coalition, Missouri’s most effective gun rights organization! Formed in the summer of 2015, the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition led the charge in Jefferson City during the 2016 legislative session on the fight to pass Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law. And let me tell you, it was a fight to the bitter end. Michael

Black Friday Specials -- Get Your 2nd Amendment Swag!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day with your family and that you are enjoying your holiday weekend. If you are one of the millions of Americans looking for Black Friday deals today, look no further than the Missouri Firearms Coalition for the gun owners on your shopping list! As you know, the Missouri Firearms Coalition hammered through the largest gun bill in Missouri history last year including the

Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of all of us here at the Missouri Firearms Coalition, I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! As gun owners, we have much to be thankful for at the national level, starting with the fact that Hillary Clinton doesn’t occupy the White House! We should also be thankful for the fact that pro-gun justice Neil Gorsuch was added to the Supreme Court this

Feinstein/Cornyn Gun Control Bill Introduced!

When Hillary Clinton lost her election over a year ago to President Donald Trump, you may have assumed that our gun rights were secure for the foreseeable future. Maybe you thought that we could finally pass some pro-gun bills in D.C. for a change. But that was before the Las Vegas and Texas shootings. As the demand for gun control reaches a fevered pitch, Republican Senator John Cornyn (TX) teamed

Texas Highlights the Need to End "Gun Free Zones!"

It’s so predictable. While the national news, gun control organizations, and anti-gun politicians all try to use the tragedy in Texas to advance gun control — they all leave out one inconvenient fact. The Texas church shooting took place in a ‘Gun Free Zone.’ Yes, Texas law specifically forbids concealed or open carry without a special authorization from the church, something many refuse due to liability concerns. If this doesn’t

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After the recent horrific murders in Las Vegas, gun-grabbers and their pals in the press believe the 2018 political winds are sure to be blowing their way. Sadly, so does the insider and “consultant class” in Jefferson City. They’re advising anyone who will listen to “play it safe” in 2018 — to keep ALL pro-gun bills out of the public spotlight and let them die quiet deaths . . .

Murder Capitol of the Nation!

As we get closer to the start of the 2018 legislative session, I wanted to make sure that you saw the grim truth reported by CBS News. CBS News recently revealed their annual ‘Deadliest U.S. Cities’ report, ranking 63 of American’s most dangerous cities. Care to guess what the murder capitol of the nation is right now? If you said Chicago, you’d be wrong. Same goes for Baltimore, New Orleans,

The Sig P229 Winner Is...

As you remember, the Missouri Firearms Coalition recently conducted a gun giveaway for everyone who signed our petition calling for the end of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri. Thousands of Missourians signed this petition, demonstrating the broad grassroots support that this legislation clearly enjoys! I’m pleased to announce that Linda Zeiters, from Springfield, won an incredible Sig P229 from the Missouri Firearms Coalition! This pistol is valued at

Roy Blunt Now Open to the Feinstein Ban!!

Late yesterday afternoon, we talked to Senator Roy Blunt’s office who confirmed that Blunt is open to banning bump-fire stocks if the bill hits the floor! My jaw about hit the floor. But staff in our office spoke with Melanie in the Kansas City office, as well as additional staffers in the D.C. office, who both confirmed Blunt’s position on this issue. I don’t know about you, but this is