Gun Rights Legislation on the Move!

                May 10, 2018 

There is one week left in the 2018 legislative session.

One last week to pressure the legislature to advance HB 1936, our bill to end the deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ that are all over Missouri.

The Missouri legislature hasn’t moved a single gun bill for two years now, even while states all over the country are doing exactly that.

You see, leaders in other states realize that the BEST way to reply to the demand for gun control from the unhinged left is to expand Second Amendment freedom even further!

In Wyoming, under the gun from Bloomberg’s statewide ad campaign and lobbyists who were roaming the Capitol, Senate President Eli Bebout doubled down and passed Stand-Your-Ground law!

In Oklahoma, when gun grabbers were demanding gun control after the Parkland, FL shooting, Speaker of the House Charles McCall shoved Constitutional Carry through his chamber instead!

In Kansas, the legislature’s response to the demand for more gun control was to advance legislation to open up school carry for law abiding citizens!

So how have Speaker Todd Richardson and Senate President Ron Richard responded to the hordes of Bloomberg-funded gun grabbers that crowd the Capitol looking for gun control?

By passing gun bills?

By making it clear that gun control has no place in the legislature right now?


They have done nothing.

They stuck H.B. 1936 in an endless committee cycle that is specifically designed to kill precious time!

Seeing this, gun grabbers have become emboldened.

That’s why Rep. Peter Meredith introduced H.B. 1733, a doomsday gun control bill that would have abolished Missouri’s Constitutional Carry AND Stand-Your-Ground laws!

You see, in the fight for our gun rights, we are either gaining ground or we are losing ground.

There is no middle ground.

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment to call your lawmakers, during the final week of the regularly scheduled session, and demand that they advance H.B. 1936!

>>> You can call your State Rep at 573-751-3659.

>>> You can call your State Senator at 573-751-2000.

(These are switchboard numbers, so even if you don’t know who your legislator is, they can connect you when you give them your address.)

Your message is simple: For the last two years you have not moved any pro-gun bills, even though many other states have done so. Before you come to my door this year looking for money, votes, and campaign volunteers -– move H.B. 1936!

It can become easy in Missouri for gun owners to get complacent.

We have some good gun laws in certain areas, and better than our neighbors in states like Iowa and Illinois.

But the moment that we allow politicians in Jeff City to say one thing and do another, we will begin to lose ground.

This is the story of Colorado, Florida, and a sad number of other ‘pro-gun states’ where gun owners sat back and hoped for the best — only to get creamed by relentless gun control activists!

So please take action today, and let your lawmakers know that you are serious about advancing H.B. 1936…

…and they better get serious about it, too, if they expect gun owners to stand up for them!

Finally, if you are not yet a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, please get involved today.

There are a variety of membership levels that come with varying degrees of swag, but what’s most important is that you get directly involved in this fight!

Whatever level you choose to join at is up to you.

After you’ve called your lawmakers, please forward this email to your friends and family and urge them to make their calls as well!


For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier





Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. With just a week left in the regularly scheduled 2018 legislative session, Missouri legislative leaders are continuing to stonewall gun owners by refusing to advance H.B. 1936!

More than that, they are refusing to advance ANY pro-gun bills, giving Bloomberg-funded activists a big shot of energy right as we head into the important 2018 midterm elections.

Please contact your lawmakers using the information above and insist that they advance this bill right away!

And if you are still not a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, you may join here!