We Are Running Out of Time!

We are running out of time to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri, and I need your help.

As you know, Missouri is just covered with areas where you and I cannot carry a firearm for self-defense.

And as we have seen in the news over and over, these are exactly the kinds of places so often targeted by madmen looking to rack up a body count!

Churches, sports arenas, restaurants that happen to serve alcohol, hospitals, polling stations, and day cares are just some of the places where you are not allowed to defend yourself under current code!

House Bill 1936 would end that, by removing all state mandated ‘Gun Free Zones’ that are in effect in Missouri.

This bill has broad support across the state, which is why it has already passed the House General Laws Committee as well as the House Rules Committee!

But the simple fact is that we are running low on time, and — according to a variety of capitol insiders — this very well may be on purpose!

That’s why I need you to call your State Representative immediately and tell him to make sure that the House votes on H.B. 1936 right away!

If you aren’t sure who your representative is, or what his phone number is, just call the Capitol switchboard at (573)751-3659 and they can connect you.

Your message is simple: If you want my support in the upcoming election, you need to earn it now when it counts! Do that by ensuring H.B. 1936 gets a vote in the full House!

The Missouri legislature hasn’t passed a gun bill since 2016. So don’t let them tell you that they ‘are 100% pro-gun’ and that ‘you have my support.’

That is all talk and meaningless gestures if they don’t ever vote on the bill!

Missouri is at a crossroads right now.

Will the legislature bow to the pressure of Bloomberg-funded groups marching in the streets and in the halls of the Capitol?

Or will they stand up for gun owners, and do away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ once and for all?

Every day that goes by right now without a vote on this bill is dangerous, as the legislative clock is ticking loudly!

So take a moment to call your State Representative immediately using the Capitol Switchboard number, which is (573)751-3659, and insist that he work to obtain a floor vote on H.B. 1936!

And when you are finished, please get more directly involved with the Missouri Firearms Coalition by becoming a member today!

A bronze level membership is just $35, less than $.10 a day, and comes with 24/7 protection of your gun rights and a free decal!

A silver level membership is just $75, and contains the benefits of the bronze membership plus a FREE T-Shirt!

A lifetime membership contains the same benefits as the silver membership, but also comes with your wooden lifetime membership plaque to commemorate your commitment to fighting for the Second Amendment!

Please get involved today if you are not already a member.

But call your lawmaker right away, that’s most important!


For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier





Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. We are running out of time in our fight to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri, as H.B. 1936 has not yet been slated for a vote in the full House.

That’s right! Even though we’ve passed two House committees and the bill has massive grassroots support, House leadership has not set a date for floor action!

So please call your State Representative today, at (573)751-3659, and insist that he work to put H.B. 1936 on the floor for a full House vote!

When you are done, please join the fight for the Second Amendment here in Missouri by becoming a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition TODAY!