In a Coma for Over a Week!


On April 8, a 66-yr-old man was headed home on the MetroLink minding his own business.

That’s when 27-yr-old Dominique Hightower attacked the older man and beat him so bad that the victim has been hospitalized almost two weeks.

News reports indicate that the victim only recently awoke from a coma that lasted for over a week!

All of this occurred, yet again, in a ‘Gun Free Zone’ here in Missouri where the victim — or anyone else on the train — was unable to use a firearm for self-defense.

And once again, an innocent person was severely injured because criminals know that the best places to attack and kill innocent people is in a location where they can’t fight back!


(Dominique Hightower, pictured above, has been arrested for a brutal MetroLink beating earlier this month.)

The MetroLink is one of almost two dozen locations in Missouri where you and I are unable to carry a defensive firearm — whether or not you have a permit!

Other locations include churches, schools, daycares, hospitals, polling stations, many restaurants, and many more.

Thankfully, Rep. Jered Taylor has introduced H.B. 1936 which would end all state-mandated ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri and give Missourians a chance to defend themselves!

The bill has passed through two separate House committees but is being held up by House leadership who are, reportedly, saying that now isn’t the ‘right time.’


Not the right time?

Tell that to the victim of this brutal attack, who was beaten nearly to death by a man less than half his age!

If you agree that we can’t wait any longer to end dangerous ‘Gun Free Zones,’ then please sign our petition calling on the House to advance H.B. 1936!

Some may be tempted to think this situation just doesn’t apply to you and will take no action as a result.

But that would be a mistake.

After all, just because you don’t live in St. Louis or you don’t use public transportation doesn’t mean you’re not effected by this anti-gun policy.

But with dozens of ‘Gun Free Zones’ on the books, it’s virtually impossible to avoid them, forcing you to disarm.

Criminals know that law abiding citizens disarm to follow the law and are emboldened to attack in these areas –knowing that it’s unlikely they will face armed opposition!

That’s why passing H.B. 1936 is so important, as criminals would no longer feel free to attack knowing that any one of their would-be victims could fight back!

So please help us advance this critical bill, by signing your petition right away!

We have just under a month left in the legislative session, so there’s no time to lose.

Don’t forget, in just a few months these lawmakers will be knocking on our door looking for our votes, money and volunteer time as they run for re-election.

Make sure they know that before you are going to fight for them, they had better fight for gun owners by passing H.B. 1936!

And please also consider a contribution, to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition get the word out to as many gun owners as possible!

Grassroots pressure is what moves legislation in Jeff City.

Not good wishes, not crossing our fingers, and not trust in lawmakers who will say anything to keep you happy.

We are generating all of the pressure we can using direct mail, mass emails, targeted social media, and more!

But we could really crank up the heat if we had more resources to put to it.

So whatever you can do, from $5 to $500, please get involved today!

I’m sure you agree that Missouri’s current policy only serves to embolden criminals and leaves innocent people helpless.

Help us change that; take action right away!


For Freedom,

Dr. Curt Frazier





Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. A brutal beating on the MetroLink earlier this month has left an elderly man fighting for his life, and serves as one more example of the failure of ‘Gun Free Zones.’

House Bill 1936 would end all that, by removing the requirement that you and I disarm in dozens of locations!

But the bill is being held back by House leaders. Help us advance it by signing your petition in support of the bill now!

When you’re done, make a donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition to help us mobilize more gun owners into this fight!