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Constitutional Carry Moved to the Perfection Calendar - Your Calls Needed!

Boom! Thanks to your calls and emails, Constitutional Carry legislation (HB 1468) has been moved onto the Perfection Calendar – in other words, it’s now eligible for a debate and vote in the full House of Representatives! Getting this vote is an absolute critical first step in finding out which legislators in Jefferson City support your gun rights and which ones are just talking a good game, knowing that this

The Next Step in Making Missouri a Constitutional Carry State!

Last week, the House Select Committee on General Laws Committee voted 6-2, with 2 members absent, to pass Constitutional Carry law here in Missouri! This is due to a massive outpouring of calls and emails from gun owners like you — and I’d like to personally thank you for that. Many of you have been contacting us asking about Constitutional Carry and what exactly it does. It’s very simple actually;