MOFC Interview: Attorney General Bailey and the Fight for SAPA!

It’s been just over a week since an Obama-appointed liberal judge in Kansas City said that Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act is unconstitutional.

Of course, this opinion is as flawed as it was expected.

Not only has a ‘stay’ been issued in this case which means that SAPA is still fully in effect, we now have a chance to score a much larger victory in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals!

But MOFC members have a lot of questions about what comes next.

Will Missouri AG Andrew Bailey appeal this opinion? If so, to whom? What is the timeline on this? Will one judge hear this or will it be en banc? Will SAPA end up before the Supreme Court?

To get answers directly from the source, I recently interviewed Attorney General Andrew Bailey. And let me tell you, this interview is a must watch for gun owners because Bailey is ALL IN on the fight to defend Missouri’s SAPA law!

Watch the video here, or below.

I have to tell you, having an Attorney General who understands that our rights come from God and that the government’s job is to defend those rights, was a breath of fresh air.

Of course, the fight to uphold (and crush) Missouri’s SAPA law is now taking on national ramifications.

We fully expect dozens of Bloomberg-backed gun control groups to engage in this appeal to the 8th Circuit.

It’s absolutely vital that the Missouri Firearms Coalition can hold the line and combat their lies. Our legal team is already preparing our first Amicus Brief in this case.

But to fully unleash our lawyers, I must ask for a generous donation. We’ve defeated Biden in State Circuit Court and the State Supreme Court. Now we need to do it again in Federal Circuit Court! And to do that, we need a legal defense fund!  


According to the scheduling order from the judge, MOFC must have our Amicus Brief filed by May 7…and that’s a lot less time than it sounds like.

Please make a donation today!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. MOFC is gearing up for a showdown against Joe Biden and the DOJ in Federal Circuit Court, alongside the State of Missouri. We need to fund our legal defense fund fast!

Watch our interview with Missouri AG Andrew Bailey and then make an immediate donation to help us fight back!