Video Update On IP Reform: Must Watch!

We are in what could possibly be the final hours of the 2024 legislative session.

Senate Democrats are now approaching their forty-fifth hour as they desperately work to filibuster IP Reform.

But that’s not the real problem.

Despite having an overwhelming majority here in the Senate, Republican Senate Leaders are refusing to invoke the PQ Motion to end the filibuster, pass IP Reform, and defend our Second Amendment freedoms.

Worse, moments ago, Senate leaders began the process of thanking staff, a ceremonial function that usually takes place right before session adjourns for the year!

Watch our video to get the very latest list of Senators who are supporting the PQ Motion! Then call every single Republican Senator you see on the list below and demand they support the PQ Motion to help us pass IP Reform!

Jason Bean: (573)751-4843
Mike Bernskoetter: (573)751-2076

Rusty Black: (573)751-1415
Justin Brown: (573)751-5713
Mike Cierpiot: (573)751-1464
Mary Coleman: (573)751-1492
Sandy Crawford: (573)751-8793
Karla Eslinger: (573)751-1882
Travis Fitzwater: (573)751-2757
Elaine Gannon: (573)751-4008
Lincoln Hough: (573)751-2583
Cindy Olaughlin: (573)751-7985
Caleb Rowden: (573)751-3931
Jill Carter: (573)751-2173
Curtis Trent: (573)751-1503

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition