Video Update: Mike Parson and the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Now that the legislature has passed H.B. 85 — the Second Amendment Preservation Act — the ball is in Governor Mike Parson’s court.

We are being FLOODED with more calls and emails and Facebook messages than we can handle from fantastic gun owners who want to know what comes next in the fight to pass SAPA.

That’s why we produced this video update, giving you the latest information that we have.

Some people are urging MOFC members to lie low, to assume the best in Governor Parson. But that’s just not going to happen given all of the mixed signals that we’ve received from the Governor over the last two years.

If you agree, here’s how you can help us finish this fight.

First, call Governor Parson at (573)751-3222;

Second, email Governor Parson here; 

Third, leave Governor Parson a message on his Facebook page.

However you contact him, your message to Governor Parson is very simple: Don’t tell me you are pro-gun. Show me you are pro-gun by signing H.B. 85 into law right away!

I’ll be blunt.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is not in the business of giving politicians the benefit of the doubt, especially when they’ve flirted with ‘Red Flags’ just 18 months ago and when they’ve never signed a single piece of gun rights legislation into law.

So please contact the Governor immediately.

And when you’re done, I hope that you’ll make an immediate donation to help us keep the pressure up on the Governor.

We are flooding the state with this digital ad which has already been seen by over 12,000 gun owners. But we need to get that number up to 100,000, to make sure that Governor Parson’s phone is GLOWING!

So please make a donation TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The Missouri Firearms Coalition has just released this video report on the status of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, and how gun owners can keep the pressure up on Governor Parson.

Once you’ve watched it, please contact Governor Parson using the links we provided above.

And then I hope you’ll make a generous donation to MOFC, so we can keep mobilizing gun owners to contact Governor Parson until this bill is signed into law!