Video Interview: Sen. Bill Eigel on Red Flag Gun Seizures!

‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ are the most insidious form of gun control bill that we’ve ever dealt with in this country.

That’s because if you are ever targeted with a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure,’ a liberal judge can order the confiscation of your guns BEFORE you’ve been convicted of anything at all!  

And with Joe Biden now possessing $750,000,000 of taxpayer money to use in trying to bribe state legislatures into passing these ‘Red Flag Laws,’ this threat is very real in Missouri.

We need to get ahead of this, and legislatively ban ‘Red Flags.’

State Senator Bill Eigel agrees with this, and that’s why he’s sponsoring legislation for MOFC to ban ‘Red Flag’ laws as well as the use of federal dollars to enforce them in Missouri! 

To learn more about the danger of ‘Red Flags,’ the details of this legislation, and the ‘teeth’ that are contained in this legislationwatch this video interview with Senator Eigel.

As you just heard, not only would this legislation block ‘Red Flag’ laws, it would also give the people of Missouri real power to hold municipalities who violate the law accountable.

Missouri was the first state to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, in 2021.

Missouri was an early state in the fight to pass Constitutional Carry, passing ours in 2016.

Now Missouri needs to do it again. By banning ‘Red Flags’ we can not only protect gun owners here, but we can draw a roadmap that gun owners in other red states can follow! 


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Missouri can do this! We can ban ‘Red Flags,’ send Joe Biden a message, and show the rest of the country how to fight for the Second Amendment!

Take action now.  

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