The attacks are coming at you and me from every direction and a BRAND NEW attack was just launched that you NEED to hear about.

If you’ve ever watched a television program that shows a pack of hyenas encircling and working together to bring down their prey, that’s the tactic that the Communist Left is using right now in their attempt to bring down the Second Amendment.

That’s why you need to hear about H.R. 8600 and S. 3369, Congresswoman Lucy McBath’s NEW bill!

(Lucy McBath and her gaggle of paid-for activists unveiling her new and “innovative” BAN on semi-auto firearms.)

The Commies have labeled it the “GOSAFE Act,” but as always, it’s anything but safe. In fact, it’s really nasty.

Here’s what HR8600/S3369 does:

#1 Regulates all semi-automatic firearms in America.

I want to be clear about something here: the term “regulate” is synonymous with “ban.”

The Left wants to ban private firearms ownership in America, because they have a huge agenda of tyranny and destruction planned for you, your kids and this country that they cannot implement while you and I own guns.

So they sell that nightmare by claiming they only want to “regulate” firearms ownership.

You know the saying “evil preaches tolerance until evil takes complete control?”

That phrase sums this situation up perfectly.

They use words like “regulate” and “gun safety” and “common sense,” counting on you and me to be lulled to sleep while they take sledgehammers to our freedoms at every level.

#2 Mandates that all future firearm designs are approved by the federal government before manufacture.

The ATF wants gun owners and gun manufacturers to grovel at their feet, prostrating themselves to the power of the lawless Left’s favorite federal agency.

But as the whole world just witnessed two weeks ago, ATF chief Dettelbach doesn’t know his head from his ass when it comes to firearms.

The fact is, Steve Dettelbach and the entire ATF exists for one reason, and that is to punish gun owners like you and me for hating tyranny and despising their arbitrary “rules” making process.

Oh yeah, and running guns to the Mexican drug cartels. Can’t forget about that.

#3 Outlaws firearm self-assembly and manufacturing.

America was won from the tyrant British because private, free colonists were making firearms as fast as they could beat their plowshares into rifles.

In fact, when British King George took steps that pale in comparison to our own lawless ATF’s, the Hanover Associators in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania boldly declared that they would NOT be ruled over like slaves and publicly declared:

“Our cause we leave to Heaven and our rifles.”

Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress are every bit as tyrannical as King George was, and 10x as nefarious.

That’s why I’m asking you to take action NOW!

CLICK HERE or on the button below and tell your Congress member to VOTE NO on H.R. 8600!


Let me be clear, we’ve defeated gun control bill after gun control bill, for YEARS in D.C. and at the capitol. Perhaps hundreds of times.

But it only takes the Left ONE victory… just one… to gut our Second Amendment rights.

So don’t think “It’s just another gun control bill like all the rest.” because we don’t know when this could be THE ONE that destroys our freedom for good.

So click the button and tell your member of Congress that you’ll accept NO COMPROMISE on the Second Amendment!


When you’re done, please consider financially helping our cause of freedom.

I know it’s Summer and there’s a lot to do.

But just $25 or $50 right now will go a LONG ways towards mobilizing more gun owners, getting the word out on this legislation and ultimately DEFEATING this tyranny in D.C.!

So please sign your petition and contribute what you can and I’ll have more updates for you soon!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition