Urgent: RINO-Push for Red Flags Happening in Jeff City!

Things are going from bad to worse here in Jefferson City.

Recently I told you that in addition to fighting to defend SAPA in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, MOFC is working to BAN ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Missouri with S.B. 10/H.B. 712.

Passing this legislation has gone from a ‘like to do’ to a ‘must do’ after the passage of S. 2938 in Congress last year.

As you may remember, when Biden signed this bill into law it gave the DOJ a jaw-dropping $750,000,000 to hand out as bribes to states that pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws.

So while we’ve always had Leftists and RINOs who want to pass a ‘Red Flag’ law in Jeff City, the political downside outweighed the value. But with the DOJ offering tens of millions of dollars to Missouri for passing ‘Red Flags,’ all that has changed! 

That’s why Senator Bill Eigel and Representative Mazzie Boyd have filed bills to block ‘Red Flags’ in Missouri–to get ahead of this threat.

But last week, when S.B. 10 was voted on in the General Laws Committee, RINO Republican Lincoln Hough voted with the Democrats to kill the bill in a 3-3 vote!

It was outrageous.

(And while he didn’t vote ‘NO’ on Senate Bill 10, it should be noted that RINO-Senator Mike Cierpiot intentionally skipped the committee to make sure that the bill died.)

But much worse than voting against legislation to BAN ‘Red Flag’ laws, Senator Hough immediately did an interview with NPR Radio and called for the PASSAGE of ‘Red Flag’ laws!

And that wasn’t all.

Hough went on to say that Missouri’s open carry law should be repealed, and he even expressed support for efforts to overturn Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act!

To be clear, Senator Hough isn’t a freshman or a loner in the GOP Senate Caucus. He’s best friends with Senate Floor Leader Caleb Rowden and Justin Brown, Chair of the Emerging Issues Committee.

Now, insiders are telling us that Senator Hough is working to draft ‘Red Flag’ legislation quietly so that he can attach it to another bill through a floor amendment–to make sure we can’t get the word out to gun owners in time to stop it.

That’s why we are mobilizing gun owners NOW!  


If ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ ever become law here in Missouri, it would be a complete disaster!

‘Red Flag’ laws allow personal enemies like an ex-spouse, bitter coworker, or a vengeful neighbor to phone in a bogus complaint in an attempt to ruin your life, with almost no consequences to them if they make the entire thing up!

Once the complaint has been filed, a liberal judge can order a secret hearing, behind closed doors, to consider the complaint.

When the judge agrees (and they ALWAYS agree) with the complaint, they’ll order the confiscation of your firearms before you’ve been charged, arrested, or convicted of ANYTHING!

And if this wasn’t bad enough, ‘Red Flag’ laws have a built-in renewal process that all but automates their re-issuance. In other words, if you’re ‘Red Flagged’ it can result in a lifetime gun ban!

Red Flag laws violate your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, which is what has kept America free for 245 years.

Red Flag laws violate your 4th Amendment right to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Red Flag laws violate your 5th Amendment right that requires a grand jury to indict you before you can face serious charges.

And Red Flag laws violate your 7th Amendment right to receive a trial by jury before being convicted and punished.

Combined ‘Red Flag’ laws give the Left what they’ve always wanted: the ability to weaponize the courts against gun owners and confiscate our firearms bureaucratically, no conviction needed!


Under normal circumstances, I believe that the Missouri Firearms Coalition could crush a push for ‘Red Flags’ here in Jeff City. But these are not normal circumstances!

First, this push for ‘Red Flags’ is NOT coming from the Radical Left in the legislature.

House and Senate leadership don’t want to move a Democrat-led gun control bill, the optics are too dangerous for them. But with RINO-Republican Lincoln Hough leading this charge, it is far easier for them to move the bill forward.

But the other big difference is the new federal law I referred to earlier in this letter.

The DOJ was handed $750,000,000 from Joe Biden and told to use it to ‘incentivize’ (AKA bribe!) states into passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws — and Missouri is HIGH on the DOJ’s list!

In fact, Missouri has already been sent $5.4 million from the DOJ to use in the enforcement of future ‘Red Flag’ laws.

And Senator Hough is, reportedly, using that ‘down payment’ from the DOJ to try to convince his colleagues in the Senate to vote for a ‘Red Flag’ law so that the State of Missouri can receive tens of millions of additional dollars from Joe Biden and the DOJ!

Hough doesn’t need to convince the entire Senate.

The Senate has a 24-10 Republican majority. But contained in those 24 Republicans are at least a dozen hard-core RINOs. And if Hough can convince just 7 of them to join him and Senate Democrats, he’ll have the votes he needs to pass ‘Red Flags!’  

That’s why it’s urgent that you sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you.


Your petition tells your State Senator and Representative to VOTE NO on any form of ‘Red Flag’ laws, whether the legislation comes from the Radical Left or the RINO-Right!

To be clear, we have a solid group of conservatives here in Jeff City who are committed to fighting to defend our right to keep and bear arms — the problem is that they are in the minority.

That’s why MOFC is doing everything we can to sound the alarm before Hough can get this amendment filed to another bill.

Can you afford a donation of $50 or $100 to help us do this?

MOFC’s program consists of direct mail alerts (like the one you’re reading now), scaling up the size of our email program, text-based alerts, and digital ads if we have the time and resources to get them done.  

But for this program to work, it needs to be big enough to get the attention of the RINOs in Jeff City. And for that, I need help.

So if you can’t make a donation of $100 right now, please consider $50, $25, or whatever you can afford!

If we stand together, we can send a message to the politicians in Jefferson City and defend our freedoms.

So please stand with us now! Sign your petition and make the most generous donation you can afford today!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. After joining with Senate Democrats to kill S.B. 10 in committee (legislation to BAN ‘Red Flag’ laws in Missouri), RINO Republican Senator Lincoln Hough told the press that Missouri needs to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ this session!     

This could happen FAST! Help us block ‘Red Flag’ laws!

Sign your petition against this legislation right away!


And after you do, please consider a gift of $100, $75, $50, or $25 so that we can FIGHT FOR YOU IN JEFF CITY