Urgent: Red Flag Gun Seizures Filed in Jeff City!

I hate to say this, but I knew this was going to happen.

After Joe Biden signed S. 2938 last year, giving himself $750,000,000 to use in bribing state legislatures into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws, I knew lawmakers in Jeff City would be tempted.

Afterall, there is nothing politicians love more than receiving and spending ‘free’ money from the federal government.

That’s why Rep. Ian Mackey just filed HB-413, one of the worst versions of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ legislation that I have ever seen in the legislature. I need your immediate help to stop him!

First, I want to give you some context from the Capitol.

Over the years, MOFC members like you have helped us shoot down ‘Red Flag’ laws as a matter of routine. The Republicans in Jeff City know that passing this would harm their careers.

But this year, fake Republicans are running wild.

RINO Republican Lane Roberts (R-Joplin) is working overtime to pass legislation that would force you to obtain a permit from the Secretary of State before you can buy ammo here in Missouri!

But Roberts is far from the only one.

Freshman Republican Justin Sparks (R-St. Louis Co.) just voted for a Democratic amendment that would make some Missourians criminals for buying ammo without showing a license at the counter!

And dozens of backstabbing Republicans are pushing legislation that would make your 17-yr old a criminal for possessing certain firearms, trying to blame them for St. Louis’s crime problem.

To summarize: while all pro-gun bills are being locked up in hostile ‘kill committees,’ MOFC is working around the clock to stop Republican-supported gun control bills…right here in Missouri!

And when you add in the fact that Biden’s DOJ would literally hand the State of Missouri a check for 10 million, 20 million, or maybe even 50 million dollars in exchange for passing ‘Red Flags,’ you can see how dangerous things are here in Jefferson City.    

That’s why Rep. Mackey’s HB-413 is so dangerous. A growing number of Republicans are clearly willing to vote for it!

>>> HELP US CRUSH HB-413! <<<

The dangers of a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law on the books here in Missouri is hard to overstate. That’s because ‘Red Flag’ laws:

  • Allow personal enemies like an ex-spouse, bitter coworker, or a vengeful neighbor to phone in a bogus complaint in an attempt to ruin your life, with almost no consequences!
  • Allow a liberal judge to hear this allegation that you ‘might be dangerous’ and order the seizure of your firearms before you’ve been charged or convicted of ANYTHING!
  • Usually allow these hearings to take place in secret. Often, the first time you would know that you’ve been ‘Red Flagged’ is when a SWAT team comes to your home to seize your guns. 
  • Create an almost automated renewal process, meaning that in most cases a gun owner who is disarmed through these laws will NEVER get their firearms back!

As you can see, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ obliterate the cherished legal doctrine that American citizens are innocent until proven guilty in court.

>>> HELP US CRUSH HB-413! <<<

This legislation gives the Left what they’ve always wanted: the ability to weaponize the courts against gun owners and confiscate our firearms bureaucratically, no conviction needed! 

And honestly, this is just the beginning.

If ANY form of ‘Red Flag’ laws were to become law here in Missouri, Bloomberg’s forces would immediately work to expand it.

In Washington State, for example, where Red Flags was enacted in 2019, it was billed as a ‘harmless’ bill that would only impact dangerous people bent on mass murder.

But just last year, the state massively expanded their ‘Red Flag’ laws by allowing minor age children to be ‘Red Flagged’ after a playground fight.

And once your child is ‘Red Flagged,’ this new law allows the government to come into your home and seize your guns, since your child lives in your home!

That’s why it’s vital that the Missouri Firearms Coalition crushes HB-413 now, before it gains a foothold that the Radical Left and backstabbing RINOs can use to expand it even further. 

>>> HELP US CRUSH HB-413! <<<

Again, in a ‘normal’ situation, I think that we could count on the GOP (even the hard-core moderates) to vote against ‘Red Flags’ out of political self-interest…

…but these are not ‘normal’ times.

A check from the Department of InJustice to the State of Missouri for tens of millions of dollars — especially in the wake of a high-profile mass shooting — would have the GOP lining up to betray gun owners!

And that’s Joe Biden’s goal.

So please, sign your official petition now, telling your State Senator and State Representative to ‘VOTE NO’ on HB-413, or any other version of ‘Red Flag’ laws that come up this session.

And when you’ve completed your petition, please consider making a donation.

We are quickly laying out a program to identify and mobilize 50,000 additional gun owners to join the Missouri Firearms Coalition into flooding the Capitol with opposition to this bill!  

Our plan consists of a combination of:

  1. Hard-hitting digital and social media ads that we’ll boost across the state, ensuring that every gun owner in Missouri is aware of the danger of ‘Red Flag’ laws and takes action!We like these ads because they are easily shared on social media.
  2. Utilizing our massive email and direct mail programs to mobilize MOFC members and other gun owners! 

    The main benefit to mail/email is that they can’t be censored. 

  3. An unrivaled text-based mobilization program that will allow us to get this alert right onto gun owners’ cell phones and allow them to communicate directly with their lawmakers.Texting programs get an almost 100% open rate! 

All of this is in addition to MOFC’s ground game. You see, we are working with the best Senators in the state to make sure that if this bill comes to the floor, they will filibuster and kill it!

But I need your help to implement the outside pieces of this program.

And that’s why I hope that when you’ve signed your petition, you’ll also make a generous donation of $50, or even $100.

I know that Biden’s soaring inflation is hurting everyone, but this may just be part of his plan. And we must stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in Missouri!

If the Republicans don’t feel heat from gun owners right away, they are going to think they can vote for HB-413 and get away with it!

And if that happens, we will see a move to repeal SAPA legislation next! 

So if $50 or $100 isn’t possible, I sure hope that you’ll at least consider a gift of $25, $17.76 or whatever amount you can afford TODAY!

Things are moving fast here in Jefferson City. Please take action right away!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Rep. Ian Mackey has filed ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in Jefferson City (HB-413,) which would allow your guns to be confiscated before you’ve been charged or convicted of anything.   

And with RINO Republicans voting for gun control already, and Joe Biden’s DOJ offering tens of millions of dollars to Missouri if they pass ‘Red Flags,’ this could end in disaster! 

>>> HELP US CRUSH HB-413! <<<

If we stand together, we can defeat HB-413. If not, this legislation will continue to pick up support! 

MOFC is working to crank up the heat in Jeff City before it’s too late. So please sign your petition against HB-413, and please make a donation of $50, $25, $17.76 or even just $5 today!