Urge Mike Parson to Sign SAPA into Law!

As you know if you’ve been following our social media programs or watching the news, the Second Amendment Preservation Act passed the legislature late Friday, and just 30 minutes prior to adjournment for the year!

This was the result of a massive fight that involved tens of thousands of MOFC supporters across the state, and a lot of work on the part of our lobby team in Jeff City.

We’ll have a large report on the fight to pass SAPA when the time is right. But we’re not done yet, as Governor Mike Parson still needs to sign H.B. 85 into law to make it official!

Some people are claiming that Parson’s signature is all but a formality, but that’s hopelessly naïve.

The pressure to kill this bill is mounting as the radical left and the moderate right -– not to mention from the statewide media –- are desperate to stop us no matter what it takes.

That’s why I hope you’ll immediately contact Governor Parson and insist that he sign H.B. 85 into law! You can do that by:

>>> Calling the Governor’s office at (573)751-3222

>>> Emailing the Governor’s office here

>>> Leaving the Governor a message on his Facebook page

The gun-grabbers are already hammering away at Governor Parson, so it’s critical that gun owners engage NOW!

As a reminder, the Second Amendment Preservation Act would protect Missourians from Joe Biden’s war on gun owners by requiring the Missouri peace officers only enforce Missouri gun laws — ignoring Biden’s executive actions or unconstitutional legislation.

And should a department here in Missouri choose to violate Missouri’s SAPA law and enforce Biden’s gun control laws against you, you could take that department to civil court immediately!

Simply put, this is the strongest SAPA law in America and will be the roadmap for red states across the country.

But that won’t happen unless Mike Parson signs H.B. 85 into law! So please contact Governor Parson immediately.

Once you’re done, I hope you’ll consider a generous donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition flood the Governor’s mansion with calls urging him to sign this bill!

We are already prepping digital ads to aid in this, but after Big Tech deplatformed us for two weeks, our budget for this program is less than I would prefer.

So if you can donate $100, $75, $50, $25 or even just $10, please do so now!

Whatever you do, please contact Governor Parson immediately!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition 

P.S. MOFC’s Second Amendment Preservation Act passed the legislature moments before they adjourned for the year last Friday; now the fate of this badly needed legislature lies in Governor Parson’s hands.

Please contact Governor Parson immediately, using the information provided above, and insist that he sign H.B. 85 into law right away!

And please consider a donation of any amount to help us get the word out about this to as many gun owners as possible using digital and likely radio ads!