Senate Passes SAPA After Ten Hours of Debate!

I hope that you’ve been following our social media platforms today, as we’ve been providing dozens of updates on the floor fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act, as we simply haven’t had time to utilize our email program.

But in case you haven’t, I want you to know that the Second Amendment Preservation Act just cleared the Senate by a vote of 22-10, after a monumental ten hours of debate and a massive Democratic filibuster!  

The bill is now headed over to the House where they are expected to quickly ratify the Senate amendment either late tonight or early tomorrow.

The legislative session ends at 6:00pm tomorrow, so there isn’t much time left. We don’t expect this to be a difficult vote, but please take a moment to call your State Representative and urge him to support H.B. 85 when it comes before them.

The House Switchboard number is: 573-751-3659

You can also text your State Representative, message him via Facebook, or send him an email — just contact him right away!

We will have a massive report coming on this vote soon, but we’re not done yet, so please take action RIGHT AWAY!

 For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition 

P.S. SAPA legislation just passed the State Senate by a vote of 22-10 after a day-long debate and hours-long filibuster from desperate gun-grabbers!

The bill is headed over to the House, where it needs a final vote before it can go to Governor Parson’s desk.

Contact your State Representative right away and urge him to VOTE YES on H.B. 85 when it comes up for a vote!