Recapping an Explosive Night for Gun Owners!

Ten months ago, Eric Greitens came out in a statewide media interview and slammed Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act and the gun owners (like you) who passed it into law.

We warned Eric that he’d better apologize for attacking the biggest expansion of gun rights in Missouri history, but he arrogantly refused.

On Tuesday night, after the Missouri Firearms Coalition spent all of July reminding gun owners what he had done with ads like this and this, gun owners had their chance to speak.

And the results were deafening.

Eric Greitens only carried three counties in the entire state on his way to receiving less than 20% of the vote. As everyone knows, Greitens lost to gun rights champion Eric Schmitt, who has been fighting to defend SAPA in court for a long time.  

(MOFC’s Aaron Dorr with Eric Schmitt, moments after Schmitt was declared the winner of the Senate primary two nights ago.)

As you can see in the links above, MOFC was able to reach almost a quarter million gun owners with our ads! Greitens spent several weeks trying to undo our messaging, but he failed.

But the United State Senate race was far from the only race where the Second Amendment — and the Second Amendment Preservation Act in particular — was a major campaign factor.

In Joplin, State Senator Bill White was thrown out of office by Jill Carter. Carter, who answered the MOFC candidate survey 100% pro-gun, vowed to defend Missouri’s SAPA law.

Bill White, who hasn’t done anything for gun owners in 12 years, refused to tell us how he would vote on efforts to repeal SAPA. Sure, after we rolled this video into the district (which was seen by almost 15,000 gun owners) he tried to change his tune.

But it was too late. Carter, who was outspent almost 4 to 1, defeated Bill White by almost 5%, aided by gun owners who were fed up with Bill White’s refusal to fight for them!

(MOFC’s Aaron Dorr and Jill Carter. Carter has pledged, in writing, to defend the Second Amendment Preservation Act!)

In St. Charles County’s House District 64, RINOs were furious with State Representative Tony Lovasco for being such a strong defender of the Second Amendment in Jeff City.

The RINOs sent not one, but two, challengers after Lovasco. Their goal was to replace him with a moderate who would simply ‘fall into line’ in the Capitol.

The problem was one of their candidates refused to tell gun owners where he stood. The other had a major credibility problem. MOFC made sure every gun owner in the district knew the difference between Lovasco and his challengers with video ads like this.

As you can see, over 50,000 gun owners in HD-64 watched the information we put out in this district over the last two weeks.And Rep. Lovasco’s fierce support of SAPA was clearly a factor in his favor, as gun owners re-elected him to another term in the House.  

In West Central Missouri’s Senate District 26, SAPA became a dominant factor over the last month of this open seat primary race. Bob Jones publicly attacked SAPA at a campaign forum, after telling MOFC he supported it.

Ben Brown, on the other hand, is a loud and proud supporter of the Second Amendment and SAPA in particular.

MOFC made sure that EVERY gun owner in the district saw this video analysis of the race (it was seen by almost 90,000 people!) and as a result, gun owners pummeled Jones.

Gun owners in the district were literally tearing Jones’ signs out of their yards and replacing them with Brown’s signs after watching our report!

Ben Brown won this race by almost 10% as a result.The same story played out in Jeff Co’s Senate District 22, where four candidates were vying for the support of gun owners in a bitterly contested race.

While these candidates did survey, only one of the candidates, Mary Elizabeth Coleman, had a history of actually trying to advance the Second Amendment in the State House.

MOFC made sure that every gun owner in this district knew the differences between these candidates (and that Coleman was on the record promising to defend SAPA) with this video that was viewed by 50,000 gun owners.While this was a very hotly contested race with four candidates vying for the nomination, Coleman blew it out, winning by over 11% once gun owners learned where these candidates stood!

A similar story played out in Northwest Missouri’s House District 2. For the two years he’s been in the House, Randy Railsback never lifted a finger for gun owners.

But when facing a primary from strong pro-gun challenger Mazzie Boyd, Railsback claimed credit for the passage of SAPA and tried to reinvent himself as THE LEADER of the gun rights movement in Jeff City.

We don’t like fake friends here at MOFC. And we especially don’t like politicians who lie or greatly exaggerate their commitment to the Second Amendment.

MOFC made sure that we educated tens of thousands of gun owners on how pro-gun Mazzie Boyd was…and we made sure they had the truth about Railsback’s ACTUAL record when it came to “fighting for gun rights.”

Gun owners weren’t happy that Railsback wouldn’t fight for them. They weren’t happy that he wouldn’t answer his MOFC candidate survey. And they were especially displeased that he lied about being a gun rights ‘leader’ in Jeff City.

So they elected Mazzie Boyd — by a jaw dropping margin of 62-38%!A similar blowout happened in Springfield.

In the open seat primary for Senate District 20, Brian Gelner arrogantly refused to tell gun owners where he stood on the Second Amendment or Missouri’s SAPA law.

In fact, Gelner even tried to confront me personally at a political event in Springfield over the issue. It didn’t end well for him then. And it didn’t end well from him on election night, either, after gun owners saw this information from us

Gun owners went on to elect State Representative Curtis Trent to the State Senate, rewarding Trent for fighting for SAPA in the State House and for answering his MOFC candidate survey.

And this wasn’t just a win. It was a 58%-42% BLOWOUT!Of course, Senate District 20 was an open seat primary because current State Senator Eric Burlison was running for the 7th Congressional District’s open seat.

Burlison, as every gun owner in the Missouri knows, has been the lead bill sponsor behind EVERY SINGLE bill that the Missouri Firearms Coalition has passed into law since 2015.

Constitutional Carry — Burlison passed it.

Stand-Your-Ground law — Burlison passed it.

Castle Doctrine Expansion — Burlison passed it.

Lifetime Carry Permits — Burlison passed it.

Second Amendment Preservation Act — Burlison passed it.

Jay Wasson was a total gun rights fraud who never filed a single gun bill in his time in the Senate, let alone passed one. And while Mike Moon is pro-gun, he’s never passed a single gun bill into law, either. Not one.

So when gun owners began asking us who the gun rights’ champion was in this race, we made sure they knew the facts about Burlison’s record.

Our ‘whiteboard’ video in this race was seen by a staggering 107,000 gun owners, as you can see below.

Jay Wasson knew we were telling the truth about him. So he just kept his head down, and hoped that gun owners would forgot how pathetic he was on the gun issue when he was in office.

Mike Moon attacked us back, spending the last two weeks of his campaign focused on us instead of trying to appeal to gun owners in the district.

That was a mistake.

Our digital ad in this race was seen by another 65,000 gun owners, and we played the audio version of this ad on radio stations across SW Missouri for the last week of the campaign.Gun owners in SW Missouri are passionate folks, clearly.

And once gun owners knew the difference between Burlison, Wasson, and Mike Moon they took matters into their own hands and elected Eric Burlison by an incredible 38.2%!

For his part, Mike Moon didn’t even finish in the top three. Moon finished in fourth place, after being beaten by a political newcomer that no one had ever heard of before, Alex Bryant.

I could go on. Gun owners had smashing victories in races like House District 88 (Holly Jones), Senate District 10 (Travis Fitzwater), and plenty of others.

No, the pro-gun candidate didn’t win every race.

Anti-gun RINOs like Justin Brown and Lincoln Hough won their primaries in Senate Districts 16 and 30. And gun rights champion and current State Senator Rick Brattin lost his Congressional race in the 4th Congressional district.

But the results on Tuesday night were undeniable: politicians and candidates who won’t fight to defend our gun rights, and the Second Amendment Preservation Act in particular, are going to have short careers here in Missouri!

This is the message that we sent in 2018. We sent it again, even louder, in 2020. And this message THUNDERED across Missouri on Tuesday night!

On behalf of the entire Missouri Firearms Coalition team, I want to thank every single person who helped us expose anti-gun RINOs over the last six weeks.

To our donors, thank you! Every digital spot we deployed, every radio ad we ran, every text message campaign that we rolled out, every email blast we used — all of it was paid for by you!

To our activists, thank you! You are the lifeblood of our fight for freedom. Every time you asked a candidate to fill out the survey or commented on a campaign Facebook page asking them why they refused, you helped us.

To our members who volunteered their time helping pro-gun candidates, thank you. Your time sent a message to candidates here in Missouri that gun owners support those who support them.

To everyone who voted pro-gun, thank you. MOFC members are absolutely brutal to anti-gun RINOs who oppose us AND weak Republicans who just won’t fight for us. Well done!  

Of course, the General Election is three months away and gun owners will need to make their voices heard again. But the primaries are the main event here in Missouri, and you guys knocked it OUT OF THE PARK!

This puts us in a good position to block ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ and expand Stand-Your-Ground law next session.

Finally, to gun owners who haven’t joined our fight yet, there’s never been a better time to join the Missouri Firearms Coalition. As you just saw, we are a powerhouse for freedom.

We have big fights coming, and we need your support now more than ever. So please join our fight for freedom today!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition