Outrageous Video: Chinese Government Slams Our Second Amendment!

As we warned you recently, the UN Small Arms working group is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland next month.

Their goal is to ram through an international treaty that would subject our Second Amendment rights to terms and conditions set forth by this international tribunal!

In fact, Joe Biden recently stabbed gun owners in the back when he added America as a signatory to this treaty — undoing President Trump’s decision to remove us from it!

To be clear, there are many nations pushing this treaty.

But no country is pushing this treaty as hard as the Communist Chinese. They despise the fact that in America ‘We the People’ have an individual right to keep and bear arms.

Don’t take my word for it.

Check out what their Foreign Minister recently said about America, our love of freedom, and the Second Amendment!

I don’t know about you, but I think the idea of these smug b@st@ards lecturing America about the Second Amendment when they EXTERMINATED 65,000,000 of their own people last century is enraging.


Of course, the Communist Chinese atrocities didn’t magically stop when we entered the 21st Century.

It’s well known that China is currently holding over 1,000,000 people in internment camps, torturing them under the guise of their ‘re-education’ programs!

So it’s no surprise that the Chinese hate the idea of a free people owning guns outside of government control: after all, it’s a lot harder to exterminate an armed population.

That’s exactly why they — and every other globalist leader in the world — want to enact the UN Small Arms Treaty.

These thuggish dictators know that as long as the American people are armed, we will remain free. And we’ll serve as a symbol of freedom around the globe.

That’s why the main tenant of the UN Small Arms Treaty is the creation of a GLOBAL GUN REGISTRY, tracking the ‘end user’ of each and every rifle, pistol, and shotgun in circulation in the U.S., reporting this to the United Nations!

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is trying to flood Senators Hawley and Schmitt with calls, petitions, and emails making sure they oppose the UN Small Arms Treaty should it come up for a ratification vote.

For today, please consider a donation so that we can educate gun owners about what the UN Small Arms Treaty is, what it means for gun owners, and how we can stop it!


While gun owners have been focused on stopping domestic threats to our freedom from the Radical Left for several years, that’s not the only thing we need to be thinking of.

We have foreign adversaries, too.

And the Communist Chinese rank at or near the very top of that list. And they would love nothing more than to get a list of gun owners in America through this treaty.

Help us push back against this Chinese-driven tyranny, now!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The UN Small Arms Treaty working group meets very soon in Geneva, as they work to subject our Second Amendment to the dictates of an international collective.

Communist China is leading this charge.

Recently, their Foreign Minister mocked America’s love of freedom and the Second Amendment. Watch the video here.

Pretty rich, coming from a country that wiped out over 65,000,000 of its own citizens for opposing their tyranny!

Tell Senators Hawley and Schmitt to oppose this treaty, by signing your petition today!