NOT A DRILL: SAPA Under Attack Here in Missouri!

I need to know that you saw the email alert we sent out earlier this week, about the plan underway in Jeff City to REPEAL some or all of Missouri’s SAPA law next session!

The same backstabbing moderate RINO’s who didn’t pass a single gun bill for five years in the legislature, now want to repeal SAPA law to placate anti-gun municipalities like KC and St. Louis!

If we lose the ‘teeth’ in our SAPA law, it’s over.

And if SAPA law gets rolled back here in Missouri, the explosion of support for this legislation in state legislatures all over America will be over, too!

That’s the goal of Joe Biden and the DOJ who are trying to destroy SAPA, to make sure it doesn’t spread. And now, they are being aided by Governor Parson and hyper moderates in Jeff City! 

This is not a drill. Read the entire email below and then make an immediate donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition so that we have the ammo we need to FIGHT BACK and defend our SAPA law!


This is urgent. This is happening now. So please be generous!

— Aaron


This is no longer a drill!

Several months ago, we heard rumblings from a handful of sources that moderates in Jeff City were talking about repealing some or all of the Second Amendment Preservation Act next session.

Then Mike Parson admitted on TV that he was open to “correcting” the bill, which is political speak for gutting and destroying it.

But now we’re hearing from DOZENS of sources in Jeff City that hyper-moderates in the House and Senate are planning to attack Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act next session — in an attempt to look more ‘reasonable’ to the media! 

In case you missed it, 60 Minutes ran a hit piece on Missouri’s new SAPA law last Sunday night. These New York City elites are outraged that Missourians don’t want to have our tax dollars spent enforcing federal gun laws or Joe Biden’s Executive Orders.

And they are absolutely enraged that we put teeth in SAPA law, which empowers ‘We the People’ to hold law enforcement agencies who violate SAPA law accountable in civil court!

THAT is what makes Missouri’s SAPA law the best in America. THAT is why the DOJ and CBS News are attacking it. And it’s THAT section of the law that is going to be attacked next session in Jeff City!


If SAPA is repealed, in ANY way, here’s what will likely happen:

>>> Joe Biden’s upcoming Executive Actions banning pistol braces and requiring 80% lowers to be registered will be aggressively enforced by Missouri cops in ‘blue’ areas.

>>> Missouri gun owners will be charged with FELONIES for having a simple pistol brace or an unregistered 80% lower-based firearm, two very popular items here in Missouri.

>>> The national momentum for SAPA, that got it’s start right here in Missouri, will be dead. And that’s exactly what Joe Biden and the radical leftists in D.C. want.

Make no mistake, if this happens, it won’t be the Democrats in Jeff City who did it. They have no power. They control nothing. They have no leverage. There have one of the smallest minorities in the history of the legislature.

No, if this happens, it will be backstabbing RINO (Republican in Name Only) traitors who do it.

But here’s our message to these RINO traitors: The Missouri Firearms Coalition doesn’t give a damn about ‘being respectable,’ ‘playing nice’ or being friends with you. When you come for SAPA law next session, you better be ready for a knock-down, drag-out fight like you’ve never seen!


It was just over a year ago when MOFC exposed hyper-moderate Senate candidates like Rep. Kathy Swan, Jack Bondon, and David Cole during the 2020 primary elections here in Missouri.

Every single one of these RINO’s — and a whole lot more in the House — were defeated in the primaries. And with Joe Biden in the White House, gun owners are FAR more fired up today!

So if the moderates want to roll the dice with their careers, and try to repeal Missouri’s hard-won Second Amendment Preservation Act, MOFC will meet them head on with:

  1. Radio/TV/Digital ads that will blanket their legislative districts, making sure every gun owner knows that their legislator in Jeff City is trying to repeal SAPA law.
  2. Uncensorable direct mail, the kind of mail that people pass around to their friends at church, at work, at family reunions, and at the gun club.
  3. Cutting edge texting programs, that will relentlessly remind gun owners that their legislators are betraying them in Jeff City at a time when Republican legislators are fighting across the country to pass pro-gun bills!

And while we’ll be doing this during session next year, we’ll absolutely be doing it again during the lead up to the August primaries, assuming we have the resources we need to fight with.


But we need your help, and we need it now.

MOFC spent heavily to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act through the legislature in 2021. And we’ve already spent tens of thousands of dollars defending SAPA in Circuit Court and in legal fees we’ve incurred as we approach the Supreme Court.

Defeating the repeal of SAPA will be our TOP PRIORITY next session, and we’ve already laid out some of the tools that we’ll be employing to do that.

But these programs are expensive.

And in light of what we’ve already spent this year, we need to raise money very quickly to get ready for this battle.  

If you can afford to give $5, send it. If you can afford to send $5,000, please send it. We are going to need a big war chest, and we need it soon — as not a single national gun group except the American Firearms Association is fighting to save SAPA!

This fight is upon us, please be generous!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. After the 60 Minutes attack on Missouri’s SAPA law last weekend, MOFC has confirmation that backstabbing moderate RINOs in Jeff City are going to try to REPEAL SAPA LAW next session!

MOFC is going ‘all in’ to defend the SAPA law that we passed, and we are not worried about stepping on toes in the Capitol. If we lose SAPA law, there’s nothing standing between us and Biden’s Executive Orders attacking our gun rights!


We need your help, fast, to build up the war chest that we need to fight. Please read the email above and make a generous donation RIGHT AWAY!