MUST WATCH: Video Update with Senator Rick Brattin!

Kim Gardner was able to terrorize Mark McCloskey because Missouri’s Stand-Your-Ground laws are weak, and force gun owners to prove our innocence following a self-defense situation.

What’s more, gun owners in Missouri can’t use our current Stand-Your-Ground law until after you’ve been convicted, as part of your appeal.

That’s backward!

Dozens of other states have updated their Stand-Your-Ground law, giving gun owners the presumption of innocence following a self-defense shooting and allowing them to assert Stand-Your-Ground law in a pre-trial immunity hearing.

It’s high time that Missouri does the same thing.

Thankfully, Senator Rick Brattin is leading the charge to fix these issues with a fantastic bill that is on the move in Jeff City! Learn more about this bill by watching the video below.   

As you can see, this legislation would prevent gun owners from being attacked by Soros-backed prosecutors, while still giving law enforcement the tools they need to investigate crime.

We can’t watch for this any longer. The hell on earth that Mark McCloskey and Kyle Rittenhouse went through could happen to any one of us until we enhance our Stand-Your-Ground law!


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But make no mistake, passing this bill is going to be a major fight. The prosecutors are against it. Slick law enforcement lobbyists are against it. Bloomberg is against it. And elements of House leadership are against it.

With the session underway, it’s vital that MOFC members and other grassroots gun owners flood the legislature with calls, emails, and petitions demanding action on this bill.

That’s why I hope you’ll also consider a generous donation to make sure that we have the resources we need to crank up the heat!

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Until Missouri enhances our Stand-Your-Ground law, liberal prosecutors can destroy the life of a gun owner whose only ‘crime’ was defending himself from a violent criminal.  

Thank you for taking action. Please forward this email and the enclosed video to every gun owner you know.  

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

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