Must Watch: Kim Gardener Will Hate Our New Ad!

There is a LOT going on in the fight to defend our gun rights here in Missouri.

Between SAPA law being challenged in the Missouri Supreme Court, Governor Parson openly calling on the legislature to repeal parts of SAPA next session, and major primaries already underway that have direct impact on our gun rights, things are moving fast.

At the same time, MOFC is working to fix the holes in Missouri’s Stand-Your-Ground law, the holes that allowed Soros-backed Kim Gardner to prosecute the McCloskey’s for the ‘crime’ of standing up against a group of violent thugs!

But we’re not waiting until January to start mobilizing in Jeff City. There’s too much work to be done.

Senator Eric Burlison and Representative Jered Taylor — the most ferocious defenders of the Second Amendment in Missouri history — are already getting this bill finalized for us.

Now it’s time for gun owners to start calling their legislators and insisting that they support this legislation — the moment session convenes in Jeff City!

That’s why MOFC just released this video!

Once you’ve watched it, please help us build support for the McCloskey Self-Defense Act next session by:

>>> Sharing this video on your social media platforms so every gun owner in Missouri can see it. Here’s the YouTube version.

>>> Calling your legislators via the Capitol Switchboard at 573-751-2000 and tell your State Representative and State Senator that you want them to cosponsor the McCloskey Self-Defense Act!

>>> Make a donation to help MOFC get this video in front of tens of thousands of gun owners, to start cranking up the heat!

The days of trusting in our local prosecutors to ‘do the right thing’ are over. Kim Gardner has destroyed any sense of justice or objectivity that her office once possessed.

State lawmakers MUST restrain out-of-control prosecutors with the McCloskey Self-Defense Act!

Take action today.

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. While we work to defend SAPA law in the State Supreme Court and the legislature, MOFC is also preparing for a major program to fix Missouri’s Stand-Your-Ground law next session!

That’s why we just released this new digital ad, to help us build grassroots support for the bill and to start cranking up heat on the legislature!  

Check out the ad, here. After you’ve seen it, please make a generous donation to help MOFC get this ad in front of as many gun owners as possible!