Missouri: Video Recap on 2023 Legislative Session

The 2023 legislative session is over here in Jeff City, and it was a very busy one where our gun rights are concerned. 

Between working to expand our gun rights with two major bills and fighting to block the RINOs and the Radical Left who were desperate to pass gun control — MOFC led the fight all session long!

We exposed RINO traitors.

We worked with champions for the Second Amendment.

And we reminded everyone in Jeff City that they will pay a price if they betray the Second Amendment.

But there is a lot to be worried about here in Missouri, too, where our gun rights are concerned.

For all of the details on what happened this session and a look into the future for where the fight for gun rights is going in Missouri, watch the video recap that we produced for you!

Every state in the country that is suffering under tyrannical gun control right now thought that ‘it will never happen here’ at some point…and that could happen here, too.

MOFC is committed to keeping Missouri the best state in the country for gun owners, but we need your help to maintain this fight.



Thank you to everyone who fought alongside us this session. Your calls, emails, petitions and donations allowed us to crush all of the gun control bills that came up this session.

But the fight to defend SAPA in court is ongoing, so please stay tuned for the next phase in this fight!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition