Missouri: Speaker Plocher ‘Files’ Major Gun Control Bill!

Before the 2023 session even began, RINOs in Jeff City were looking for ways to weaken Missouri’s pre-emption law and ban open carry in response to the St. Louis crime problem.

Of course, this is absurd.

The crime problem in St. Louis is generational in nature: caused by broken homes, failed schools, an out of control drug problem, and Kim Gardner’s policy of refusing to prosecute criminals.

Punishing law abiding gun owners and the Second Amendment is the wrong approach, and would solve nothing. We all know that.

But that hasn’t stopped the politicians in Jeff City from trying!

In early February, we defeated a version of this on the floor. And we did it again, in committee, just a few weeks ago.

But now we’re going to have to do it again! You see, late last week, Republican State Representative Jim Schulte filed a massive gun control bill…

…reportedly on orders from Speaker of the House, Dean Plocher!

The details of this bill are going to make your blood boil. And to break this down for you, I’ve just produced this video report. I hope you’ll watch it right now!

As you just heard, House Bill 1277 is a sneak attack against gun owners and it would gut our Second Amendment rights by:

*** Removing key sections from Missouri’s pre-emption law;

*** Giving every city in Missouri the option to ban open carry;

*** Allowing cops to detain you just because you are carrying;

*** Conditioning Missourians to accept ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures;’

That’s not all. HB-1277 would normalize ‘Stop and Frisk,’ create a gun registry in ‘blue’ cities, and pivot the blame for criminal actions away from the criminals and onto an inanimate object (firearms!) 

That this bill was even filed is an insult to gun owners.

That this bill was filed by a Republican is enraging.

And that this bill was reportedly approved by Speaker Dean Plocher himself — who is preparing to run for Lt. Governor next year — is absolutely enraging.

Please help us crush this bill, and this concept, right away by:

  • Sending this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL opposing HB-1277; this goes to your State Senator and State Representative.
  • Calling Dean Plocher’s office at 573-751-1544; make it clear to Dean Plocher what you think about him approving this gun control bill, especially as he prepares to run statewide.
  • Calling Rep. Jim Schulte’s office at 573-751-5226let Schulte know that gun owners will never sit idly by while politicians try to blame our gun rights for the actions of criminals.

Don’t lay this aside. Take action right away!

To be clear, House Bill 1277 may move forward. But it may not. The issue here isn’t the bill number. It’s the contents of this bill, which could be advanced as an amendment at any time.

MOFC will be watching this closely.

To make sure that MOFC has the resources we need to hammer away at this bill and the rest of the gun control agenda here in Jeff City, please make a donation today!


And please be sure to share this email with every gun owner you know!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Republican Speaker of the House Dean Plocher has approved the filing of a massive gun control bill here in Jeff City, that would fundamentally weaken our right to keep and bear arms!

Watch our video report on House Bill 1277, then take action using the links provided above.

This bill may move fast. Please take action right away. And make sure you share this email with every gun owner you know!