Missouri: Send These Two Emails ASAP!

Things are moving so fast in Jeff City now that it’s hard to put alerts out to you fast enough! So let me get right to the point.

I need you to send TWO PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS to your State Senator today, and thanks to our automated system, sending them both should only take a minute!

First, as we told you last week, the Senate is moving on SB-217 which makes it a crime for Missourians under age 18 to possess a ‘concealable’ handgun or ammo for a handgun.

This is insanity.

That means that every 17-yr old in Missouri could be facing criminal charges for having a box of .22s in their glovebox, or for having a handgun on them at their family farm!

There are no carveouts for home defense.

There are no carveouts for shooting alone on a family gun range.

It’s a blatant attempt to use the crime problem in St. Louis to pass gun control, setting up countless Missourians for bogus criminal charges! And it’s being supported by Republicans! Send your email now!


At the same time, HB-301 is going to be voted on in the Senate, soon. And while most of this bill is irrelevant to gun rights, there is one section that is very concerning.

Tucked into the bottom of page 23 of this bill is a new code section (578.710,) which makes it a FELONY CRIME for anyone to release the name of a legislator to call in Jeff City, if the purpose is to influence them in the performance of their duties.

Well, that’s what MOFC does every day.

If this passes, and we ask you to call Senator Hough and tell him to stop pushing ‘Red Flag’ laws, we would certainly meet the criteria of trying to “influence” him.

While Jeff City RINOs clearly forgot this, contacting lawmakers is part of a representative form of government.

We the People elect our government and tell them what to do on our behalf. For the politicians to try to make that a crime is breathtakingly arrogant!

Thankfully, Senator Bill Eigel has an amendment in place for HB-301 that would remove this language from HB-301. But he’s getting pushback from the Left and the RINO-Right.

Your Senator needs to hear from you about this, now.

But before you send that email, you need to know that Senator Eigel also has an amendment for HB-301 that would protect Missourians who own a pistol brace.

You may remember that we addressed this issue when HB-301 was voted on in the House, but that correction was stripped out by RINOs in the committee process in the Senate.

Thankfully, Senator Eigel has agreed to run an amendment that would reinsert this language into the bill.

If this language isn’t adopted this session, gun owners who possess a pistol brace will be forced to surrender them or register them by May 31st, or risk felony charges!

So please send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL as well, urging your State Senator to back BOTH of Bill Eigel’s amendments to HB-301!


Please take action right away.

There is a chance this bill could be on the floor TODAY!

The RINOs are running wild in Jeff City right now, killing pro-gun bills, granting hearings on gun control, talking about repealing Stand-Your-Ground law, and more!

Help us crank up the pressure — send your emails NOW!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition