Missouri: Senate RINOs Moving Gun Control!

The situation here in Jefferson City is spiraling out of control. I need you to read this, and take action, immediately.

While we did move HB-712 out of the Emerging Issues Committee last week, things are falling apart in the Senate.

As you’ll remember, the Senate General Laws Committee has REFUSED to advance SB-10 or SB-43 this session, effectively blocking them from moving to the floor.

These are MOFC bills that would ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ and improve our Stand-Your-Ground law.

Instead, yesterday, this same General Laws Committee granted a hearing to radical leftist Senator Steven Robert and his bill (SB-217), which would deal a major blow to our gun rights!


All session long, RINO Republicans have been using the crime problem in St. Louis and Kansas City as a way to crack down on the Second Amendment.

First with HB-70. Then with HB-1277. The new bill, the one that was heard in the General Laws Committee yesterday, is SB-217.

Senate Bill 217 is a Democrat-filed bill that would:

  • Make criminals out of 17-yr olds who use a handgun to stop a home invasion or carry guns on their parents’ property!
  • Make it a crime for minors to possess ammunition! A box of .22 shells in a glovebox would be a criminal offense!
  • Allow cops to detain and disarm gun owners, just to check their age! This could be widely abused, and we all know it.
  • Demonizes inanimate objects (guns), while doing nothing to put actual criminals in prison in liberal cities.
  • Conditions Missourians to accept Red Flag Gun Seizures!

The fact that this bill was filed is a slap in the face to gun owners. But the fact that RINO-Republicans in the Senate granted the bill a hearing is outrageous!

<<< HELP US STOP S.B.217! >>>

I don’t know about you, but when I grew up in Iowa, I had a .22 rifle in my pickup from the day I could drive. Not long after that, I had my first handgun in my glovebox, a Ruger P-89.

I never shot anyone.  

And my 17-year-old son (my oldest), who has access to my firearms when I am away, has never shot anyone, either.

That’s because inanimate objects aren’t the issue. Criminals commit crimes. Not guns. But if the RINOs in Jeff City pass SB-217, blaming guns for the actions of criminals, ‘Red Flag’ laws will soon follow!

Make sure you send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL opposing SB-217 today!  

And then I hope you’ll call the RINO-Republicans on the Senate General Laws Committee and demand that they oppose SB-217 when it comes up for a vote next week!

>>> Senator Mike Bernskoetter; 573-751-2076 <<<

 >>> Senator Mike Cierpiot573-751-1464 <<<

 >>> Senator Lincoln Hough573-751-1311 <<<

Some people think that Missouri is safe, that our massive Republican majorities in Jeff City will protect us from the Left’s agenda, especially from gun control.

I’m here to tell you that is NOT the case.

We have more RINOs in the Senate than conservatives. It’s not even close. And if they unite with the Left on SB-217, they will pass this bill!

Send your email. And if you can make a donation to help us push back, please do so now!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition