Missouri: Help Us Send a Message to Joe Biden!

With just weeks to go until Election Day, the fight for gun rights is red hot!

And that’s especially true here in Missouri, where the outcome of our United States Senate race will very likely decide whether Joe Biden has enough votes to pass the Radical Left’s gun control agenda through the Senate over the next two years, or not.

Everything that we hold dear about our state and our nation is at stake.

For the first time in history, we have a President who openly calls gun owners “domestic threats” and “enemies of the state.” What’s more, he’s vowed to register us, confiscate our AR-15s, and give the government the power to seize firearms from millions of us through unconstitutional ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures!’

Each one of these bills has passed the House. And with a 50-50 ‘majority’ in the Senate, Joe Biden is just ONE VOTE shy of passing all three of these bills in the Senate.

And make no mistake, if she’s given the chance, Trudy Valentine would cast the tie breaking vote on every single gun control bill that is put before her — making felons out of tens of millions of gun owners across the country!

This isn’t about stopping violent crime; Biden and his policies are causing crime to explode nationwide.

This is about the Left’s dream of turning America into another dictatorship where only the government has guns, and ‘We the People’ are helpless to stop them.   

We can’t let it happen!

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition is doing everything we can to expose Trudy Valentine and dozens of down ballot gun-grabbers, making sure every gun owner in Missouri knows where these candidates stand before it’s too late.

Above is our first digital ad that we began running statewide, just days ago, in the United States Senate race showing gun owners the difference between Trudy Valentine and Eric Schmitt. This is one of a dozen races where we need to get involved.

I’m asking for your IMMEDIATE financial support to plaster ads just like these all over Missouri’s radio, TV, and digital airwaves so that every gun owner in Missouri knows where their candidates stand on our right to keep and bear arms!


You see, it’s not just the U.S. Senate and Congressional races where gun owners need to send a message this fall.

Feeding off the momentum that Joe Biden and his handlers have created by their non-stop push for gun control in Washington, gun grabbers right here in Jefferson City are fired up and becoming more aggressive by the day!

Their goal is to get enough gun-grabbing commies into office to destroy our legislative super-majorities here in the House and Senate, then spend the next two years doing everything they can to attack our gun rights by:

  • Repealing the Second Amendment Preservation Act; so that Joe Biden can make Missouri cops enforce his Executive Orders attacking gun owners here in Missouri. Right now, Missouri cops enforce Missouri laws when it comes to firearms. But the Democrats (and plenty of RINOs) want to overturn SAPA next session!
  • Passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, the gun control law that Biden signed into law this summer gives the DOJ $750,000,000 to use in bribing states that enact this legislation. We’ve stopped this bill for the last four years, but with this much money on the line, gun-grabbers in Jeff City are chomping at the bit to pass it!
  • Establishing a statewide registry of gun owners;  today’s gun-grabbers are open about their desire to confiscate firearms from law-abiding Missourians. But they can’t confiscate what they can’t find. That’s why they want to pass ‘Universal Background Checks’ to create a database of every gun owner in the state!

That’s why it’s vital the Missouri Firearms Coalition run an aggressive program to expose STATE LEVEL gun grabbers in key districts, too.

One of those races is House District 98. Deb Lavender was the most aggressive gun-grabber in the House for her first four years in office. Now Lavender is running for office again, vowing to push all of the bills above, plus a ban on our AR-15s!

Another is St. Charles County’s House District 105, where Bloomberg’s forces are doing everything they can to install Cindy Berne in the Missouri House. Berne is an overt enemy to gun owners here in Missouri, while Adam Schwardon is 100% pro-gun with a record of fighting for us in the legislature!

I could go on and on as Lavender and Berne are just two of dozens of Bloomberg-endorsed candidates who are hoping to sneak into the office and launch a two-year war against our gun rights.

We know what races to focus on. In fact, our copy is all written. Digital and radio ads have been produced. But we’re getting down to the wire, and I need your immediate help to run them in time to be effective.

Lots of organizations whine and complain while politicians attack their freedoms. What makes the Missouri Firearms Coalition different is that we FIGHT BACK at election time, exposing gun-grabbers using digital and radio ads, cutting-edge texting programs, direct mail, and door-to-door literature drops!

That’s why Missouri has some of the best gun laws in America because MOFC members always rise to the occasion and give us the ammo we need to fight with.

Now, I need you to do it again.


The cost of running radio, TV, and digital ads in multiple legislative districts — not to mention in a statewide U.S. Senate race — adds up very fast, as campaigns up and down the ballot are buying up every bit of airtime available.

 But we can’t hold anything back. 

The outcome of this election will either set Joe Biden back on his heels for the next two years and end the daily attacks against our gun rights in Washington, D.C. (and here in our state legislature) or incentivize the Radical Left to go ‘all in’ on their push for gun control — even if that means nuking the filibuster in the Senate!

Your donation will enable us to unleash our online, web-based, and digital programs, in addition to our hard-hitting email and U.S. mail programs, which are already in the works.

If you ever wanted to see what your contributions to the Missouri Firearms Coalition are helping to fund, just look at some of the U.S. mail your generosity paid for during the last election cycle!

Every single piece of mail you see in the picture below was designed to EXPOSE the record of some Bloomberg ally. And it comes with the added benefit of being 100% uncensorable by Big Tech which is always trying to muzzle gun owners!

The members and supporters of the Missouri Firearms Coalition have been booting radical gun-grabbers out of office every two years since we were formed.

This includes a large number of moderate Republicans who lost their primaries last month, for refusing to fight for the Second Amendment in Jeff City!

(Stacks of MOFC mail waiting to be deployed during the 2020 election. Each piece exposed a gun-grabber in a tight legislative district!)

But the momentum is shifting here in Missouri, and we can all feel it!

It’s time to lay it all on the line. We’ve secured our budget to run these digital ads in all of our targeted districts, but I am going to need your immediate help to get these ads on radio and TV. So can you dig deep and make a generous donation of $100 or even $250?

I know that’s a tremendous amount to ask for. But we’re in the fight of our lives here in Missouri against radical socialists, and time is running out.

So if $250 or even $100 is just too much, please agree to $75 or $50, or at least $10.

Our Second Amendment freedoms and everything we love about Missouri hang in the balance. Future generations are counting on us.  It’s time to stand and fight!

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is ‘all in.’  Will you stand with us?

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $50, $25, or at least $10 TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S.  The election is right around the corner and the stakes could not be higher for our gun rights here in Missouri, and in Congress! MOFC is ready to expose gun-grabbers up and down the ballot with digital/radio ads, direct mail, and more!


But I need your help to unleash this program. Please make a donation TODAY of $250, $125, $50, or at least $15, so we can fight for you before it’s too late!