Missouri: Contact These Committees Now!

Just over a month ago, the Senate General Laws Committee heard testimony on SB-10, MOFC-backed legislation that would ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Missouri!

To date, the committee has refused to vote on the bill.

But our sources in Jefferson City have told us that the Senate committee may be voting on this legislation as early as tomorrow — and they need to hear from you right away!

Before you email the Senate committee, I want to make sure you know that the House Emerging Issues Committee needs to hear from you, as well.

As you remember, this House committee heard testimony from me, other gun owners, and a large number of Bloomberg activists on the House version of this legislation just last week.

Both the House Emerging Issues and the Senate General Laws Committee are having an internal war over this legislation, with the moderates working to kill it or weaken it severely. 

That’s why I need you to send TWO PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS right away, as both of these committees may vote on these bills this week.



Missouri needs to ban ‘Red Flags’ more than ever since Joe Biden signed legislation into law last year that gave him $750,000,000 to use to incentive (aka bribe) states into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws. 

In fact, the first 5.4 million dollars of this money has already been sent to Missouri!

And with crime exploding in St Louis because Kim Gardner won’t prosecute criminals, it’s a convenient cover for RINOs in Jeff City who want to pass ‘Red Flags’ and take that ‘free’ money.

That’s why these committees need to move these bills, without watering them down. Both SB-10 and HB-712 would ban ‘Red Flag’ laws and ban the state from receiving federal money to enforce them in Missouri!

But RINO leadership in the House and Senate are trying to dispose of these bills behind closed doors.

Don’t let them get away with that. Send BOTH of your emails right away.

As you’ll see, these emails automatically go to the members of these committees. Please send your emails and then forward this email to every gun owner you know.



There is no neutral in the fight for gun rights. We are either gaining ground or we are losing ground. Help us keep our foot on the gas by firing off these emails TODAY!

And if you’re not a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, hit the box below and join up today!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition