Major Victories for the Second Amendment Last Night!

Last night, the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition sent a two-fold message to every politician in the state, a message that will be talked about for a long time to come!

It was simple. 

First, if you mess with our Second Amendment freedoms, you are going to pay a price, even if that means that gun owners must wait several years to pay you back. 

Second, it is no longer good enough for a legislator to merely vote pro-gun. You need to fight for our gun rights. And if you won’t, gun owners won’t fight for you, either. 

Kathy Swan learned this lesson last night, in spades. 

Swan worked around the clock in a vain attempt to derail the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law in 2016 — before ultimately backing the bill.  

But we never forgot the fact that Swan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and a major reason why no pro-gun legislation has passed here in Missouri since 2016. 

As she worked to whitewash the truth about her record on the Second Amendment, we went to work exposing her for who she really was!

Our digital ad was seen by over 70,000 gun owners in Senate District 27. You can check it out below.  

Once MOFC unloaded with this digital ad, Swan’s campaign went off the rails and she spent the last three weeks on the campaign trying to attack us, claiming that we were lying about her record. 

Of cours we weren’t, and we came right back at Swan, breaking down the details of her betrayal with our now famous ‘Whiteboard Videos.’ Another 25,000 gun owners saw this video!  

Last night, four years after her willful betrayal of our Second Amendment freedoms, gun owners paid Kathy Swan back, with interest! Swan lost her race by 141 votes to Holly Rehder! 

But Swan wasn’t the only Swamp Monster to go down in flames last night thanks to gun owners. 

A similar story played out in Senate District 31, where Jack Bondon thought that he could coast into the GOP nomination by simply telling gun owners, ‘I’m pro-gun.’ 

The problem was that Jack Bondon hadn’t done a thing for gun owners in all the years that he was in Jeff City, other than cosponsor a gun bill here and there — something that he did for political cover. 

Rick Brattin was a different story! 

In fact, Rick Brattin is the reason that we were able to pass Stand-Your-Ground law in 2016, when we literally rolled his bill into our Constitutional Carry legislation at the last minute. 

In other words, Jack Bondon talked the talked while Rick Brattin walked the walk and fought for us!

That’s why we deployed digital ads like this one to over 58,000 gun owners in Western Missouri

Bondon thought that his support from the Missouri Farm Bureau and the Missouri Chamber of Commerce would protect him from gun owners, but that was a big mistake. 

Brattin won this race in decisive fashion, winning by over 5%! 

The word is getting out. 

Gun owners are sick and tired of Republicans here in Missouri who try to play gun owners for suckers every two years during election time. 

In the past, moderates like Governor Parson, Speaker Haahr, and Senate Majority Floor Leader Caleb Roden could get away with this stuff because the NRA would simply give all their people an “A” at election time and they could sweep their inaction under the run. 

That’s what they did with Kathy Swan, David Cole, and Jack Bondon — they gave them all an “A” for political cover even though their lobbyist only set foot in the Capitol one time last year and clearly didn’t know any of the back story! 

But thanks to the members and supporters of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, this old way of doing business is OVER! 

And our gun rights are safer because of it. 

So if you donated to help fund our radio, TV, or digital ads that exposed people like Swan, Cole or Bondon — thank you!  

If you shared the information that we put out on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, or email system, to make sure that gun owners had the facts before voting — thank you! 

If you helped us get the candidates on the record, insisting that they signed their candidate surveys so we could objectively analyze them for you — thank you! 

Every single thing that we did in the last two months, every ad, every piece of mail, every TV spot — every single dime of that was funded by proud Missourians like you who are willing to fight like hell to make sure that our great-grandchildren still have a Second Amendment to enjoy when they grow up! 

These are your victories, and I hope that you enjoy them. 

At the same time, the General Election cycle will be here before you know it and MOFC is already gearing up for this phase of the fight for our gun rights as they are races where we MUST engage.

So if you can help us recapitalize and get ready for this next fight, now is the time.

Whether you can donate $5, $50, $500, or even $5,000 I hope that you’ll do so here

You just witnessed how effective this ‘No Compromise’  organization is at exposing gun grabbers, and you already know that no one fights harder for you here in Missouri. 

So please make an investment in freedom today, if you can! 

Either way, rest assured that the Missouri Firearms Coalition will continue fighting for your Second Amendment freedoms every single day here in Missouri!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Yesterday was a fantastic day for gun owners here in Missouri. We recapped the day’s events in the email above. 

Thank you to everyone who helped fund MOFC’s program to expose moderates/gun-grabbers using our digital, radio, and TV ads! 

But the next wave of the fight is already in sight, so please help us get ready to run our program during the fall elections, by making a generous donation TODAY