Gun Rights Victory in Missouri!

Moments ago, Rick Brattin was declared the winner in Senate District 31 which encompasses Cass, Bates, Henry, Vernon, and Barton Counties.

This race has always had big implications for gun owners.

Rick Brattin has been a consistent voice for gun owners for years in Missouri. Gun owners will remember how he lead the charge by sponsoring Stand Your Ground legislation in 2016. 

Brattin also surveyed 100% pro-gun with MOFC

The other candidate in this race, Jack Bondon, refused to complete our MOFC candidate survey — but that’s no surprise as Bondon has been an establishment hack for years who would only support gun rights when it was in his own interest.

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition deployed our now-famous (or infamous if you’re a moderate candidate) ‘Whiteboard Videos’ in this race — exposing the two moderate candidates for who they really are. 

Over 57,000 gun owners in Senate District 31 saw this videoand an additional 400 gun owners saw our white board update on the race.

Clearly gun owners weren’t happy with do-nothing Republican candidates who only talk about being pro-gun during election time and refuse to actually fight for gun rights once they are in office, as Rick Brattin was just declared the winner in this race!

The results of this race are going to send a loud message across the state, and that message is simple: if you won’t fight for us in Jeff City, then gun owners won’t fight for you! 

Thank you for helping us fight for gun rights!

Thank you for funding our digital ads in this race!

Many people talk about being willing to fight for freedom, then sit back while our state and our country are burning. You didn’t, and for that I can’t thank you enough!

More to come…

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition


P.S. Rick Brattin was just declared the winner of the primary in Senate District 31 in a race that has major implications for gun owners!

Thank you for giving us the resources we need to run our digital ad campaign in this race, which gave gun owners the facts they needed to make an informed decision!

To see our ad in this race, go here