Gun Grabbers Don’t Hesitate – Why Do Our ‘Allies?’

If you’ve been following our email updates and social media platforms, you know that Nancy Pelosi had H.R. 8 introduced, passed through the Rules Committee and has been schedule for a vote in the House in one week flat.

One week, from start to finish!

Sure, it’s a disgusting bill that we are working tirelessly to defeat, especially in the U.S. Senate where the margins are even thinner than they are in the House of Representatives.

But I’m not surprised at how Nancy Pelosi did this. You see, when you have the majority, you are expected to use it to do what your base elected you to do. The left understands this.

 The real question is why don’t our allies do this for us?

Consider the Second Amendment Preservation Act (H.B. 85,) known as SAPA, for short. SAPA law would shut Joe Biden’s gun control agenda down hard here in Missouri, by requiring Missouri’s peace officers to only enforce Missouri law where our gun rights are concerned.

This bill passed the House a month ago, but has seen no action in the Senate, even as Joe Biden’s gun control agenda is moving at warp speed in Congress.

 Send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to the Missouri Senate, telling them to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act right away!

SAPA legislation is spreading all across the country as lawmakers in ‘Red States’ know that the BEST WAY to safeguard our gun rights under a Biden Administration is to make sure they can’t be applied at the state level.

And that’s all SAPA law would do, defeat the impact of Biden’s gun control agenda by refusing to allow Missouri’s peace officers to enforce it!

As we’ve discussed repeatedly over the last few months, this idea of states nullifying federal overreach dates back hundreds of years in America and has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court over and over again.

You can read more about that here.

SAPA legislation is exploding in popularity and is on the move in Iowa, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Georgia and over a dozen more states as pro-gun lawmakers rush to save the gun rights of their citizens.

But for Missourians to benefit from SAPA law, we first need the State Senate to pass it into law!


The bitter truth is that the Missouri legislature hasn’t passed a pro-gun bill since 2016 — when Barack Obama was in the White House — almost five years ago!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being told how pro-gun the Missouri legislature is year after year, only to see EVERY pro-gun bill killed year after year.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is working overtime to shut down Joe Biden’s gun control agenda with our national affiliates, but SAPA legislation is our line in the sand here in Missouri.

Should Joe Biden be able to pass a ban on the sale of AR-15’s, institute a national gun registry, or pass a massive tax on firearms or ammunition we can hold the line here in Missouri, if the Senate fights for us and moves H.B. 85!

So please send your emails right away.

And I hope that you will make a quick donation to the Missouri Firearms Coalition, too, so that we can continue to crank up the heat on the State Senate!

We are running digital, social media, and radio ads across the state trying to mobilize as many gun owners as possible to help us pass this bill.

But we can’t let up.

Please make a donation right away, to help us fight for you!

For Missouri,

 Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition 

P.S. While Nancy Pelosi and the America-hating left are introducing and passing massive gun control bills in just days in the United State Congress, the Missouri Senate has been sitting on the Second Amendment Preservation Act for a month!

Help us pass SAPA legislation; send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator now, urging action on H.B. 85 NOW!

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