Democrats Playing on Your ‘Manufactured Outrage!’

Like any human being with a moral compass, gun owners recoil in horror and disgust every time a violent murderer carries out a shooting that leaves innocent people dead or wounded.

And it’s happened a lot lately.

Allen, TX. Atlanta, GA. Louisville, KY. Nashville, TN.

After a while, these shootings have a cumulative effect on law-abiding gun owners. It’s natural. And it’s happening on purpose. 

But if you’re feeling guilty and wondering if surrendering some of our gun rights in response to these shootings is necessary — understand that you’re falling for ‘manufactured outrage.’

Never forget:

Democrat policies make the locations of virtually every mass shooting a ‘Gun Free Zone,’ which enables these attacks — but somehow you and I are to blame.

Democrat policies have taken God out of our schools and taught an entire generation of kids that there is no such thing as right and wrong — but somehow you and I are to blame. 

Democrat policies have destroyed the family unit, leading to an epidemic of children being raised without fathers and left feeling vulnerable — but somehow you and I are to blame.     

Democrat policies have hooked our children on Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, and a half dozen other mind-altering drugs that feed horrific delusions — but somehow you and I are to blame.

Democrat policies have led to cashless bail and Soros-backed prosecutors who refuse to put criminals in prison, emboldening violent predators — but somehow you and I are to blame.

Democrat policies on education have all but ruined government-run schools, giving many young people a feeling of complete hopelessness — but somehow you and I are to blame.

Make no mistake: The Radical Left has created a societal powder keg on purpose. Then, predictably, when someone hopped up on psychotropic drugs commits a violent crime, they turn on the fake tears and demand that we surrender our gun rights!

This is happening on purpose.

This is all part of their plan.

They are playing on your manufactured outrage.

We cannot fall for this, or we’ll lose our freedom.

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For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition