Dana Loesch/Aaron Dorr on Eric Greitens’s SAPA Attack !

After he attacked SAPA, the lawmakers who passed it, and the grassroots gun owners that made it all happen earlier this year, MOFC has been exposing Eric Greitens in media interviews all week.

Of course, four days after he attacked SAPA, Greitens did a complete 180 and told a reporter out of Washington, D.C. that not only was he 100% in support of SAPA, but that he supported SAPA when he was Governor!

If his hypocrisy wasn’t so serious, it would make us laugh out loud. Greitens didn’t support SAPA as Governor, on the contrary, he outlawed carrying in the Capitol as Governor!

St. Louis native and well-known gun rights activist Dana Loesch interviewed MOFC’s Aaron Dorr this week, talking about Greitens’ record on the Second Amendment and the baseless attacks he made against Missouri’s SAPA law. Watch the interview here.

Gun owners are well accustomed to politicians professing their love for the Second Amendment while running for office, only to see them flip flop once they get elected.

But we’re not used to seeing a candidate do a complete reversal on his position in the space of four days, like Greitens did on SAPA! And given his history on guns, this is a very bad sign.

Please make sure that every gun owner you know in Missouri has this information, so they aren’t snowballed by Greitens’ new found love of SAPA or the Second Amendment in general.

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There was a time here in Missouri where a politician like Greitens could pull a stunt like this and get away with it. But thanks to the Missouri Firearms Coalition and our members, those days are over.

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Aaron Dorr
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