Breaking: Republican State Rep. Files Gun Control Bill in Jeff City!

While we battle to protect Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act in the legislature and, very soon, before the Missouri State Supreme Court, another threat is emerging.

Termed-out Republican RINO State Representative Ron Hicks has just teamed up with the most radical elements of the Senate’s Democratic caucus to file a devious gun control bill in Jeff City!

Hick’s bill would add a variety of misdemeanors to the list of ‘prohibited persons’ here in Missouri. Once your name goes onto that list, you could never own a firearm again!

The radical left in Washington — and right here in Missouri — have long sought to open the floodgates and put gun owners with mere misdemeanors onto the ‘prohibited person’s list’ because it would disarm countless gun owners at one shot.

Now, Republicans here in Missouri are pushing this same trash!  

To learn more about this bill and how dangerous it is, please watch this video report that we’ve produced for you right away.

Now that you know what’s going on, please take action right away and help us shut this terrible legislation down by doing the following:

The sad fact is that the Republican caucuses in Jeff City are full of termed-out RINOs who have nothing to lose and are eager to push gun control legislation.

If we give them a free pass, it will only encourage them to come at our gun rights harder and harder and harder. So stand up and help us CRUSH this bill using the action steps above!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Republican RINO Ron Hicks is moving a nasty gun control bill in Jeff City, in conjunction with Senate Democrats like Lauren Arthur and Greg Rizzo!

Learn all about this bill, by watching our video report here.

We’ve laid out three action items in the email above, please take action and help us shut this bill down, immediately!