Breaking…Parson to Sign SAPA Tomorrow!

I have fantastic news for you!

If you missed our Facebook page last night, let me be the first to tell you that Governor Mike Parson announced late yesterday that he will sign SAPA into law tomorrow!

H.B. 85 (SAPA) will protect gun owners in Missouri from Joe Biden’s relentless attacks against our freedoms by requiring Missouri peace officers to only enforce Missouri laws where firearms, ammunition, and accessories are concerned.

And unlike EVERY other version of SAPA in America, our legislation has teeth, allowing you to civilly sue any department that violates SAPA law and your 2nd Amendment freedoms!

And because this legislation contained an emergency clause, SAPA will be in full effect the moment Governor Parson signs the bill tomorrow afternoon!  

The details on the signing are below:

Where: Frontier Justice Gun Shop
Address: 800 NE Jones Industrial Dr, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064
Date/Time: Tomorrow (6/12) at 2:00pm

This signing ceremony is open to the public, although space is limited so if you want to attend, consider showing up early.

We’ll have much more on this in the days ahead, but I want to make sure you know one thing: this bill is becoming law because of the ferocious members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition and your unrelenting pressure on the legislature and the Governor!

 Without a doubt, Rep. Jered Taylor and Sen. Eric Burlison fought like hell for this bill inside the legislature.

But it’s the outside pressure on the rank-and-file caucus members, on Senators Schatz and Rowden, and the Governor that reminded the politicians in Jeff City that killing this bill would come with a STEEP price!

No other organization fights the way that we do, because every other organization is worried about making the politicians mad. We don’t care about that. You don’t care about that.

And THAT is why we are hours away from celebrating passage of the nation’s leading Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Thank you to every single one of you who called and emailed your legislators and the Governor.

Thank you to every single one of you who joined us in committee or in working the legislature.

Thank you to every single one of you who donate to the Missouri Firearms Coalition. Your support is the only way we can run the radio ads, digital ads, email and direct mail programs, lobbying programs and much more — which ramped up the heat in Jeff City

This is a victory for freedom. A victory for the Second Amendment. A victory for your children’s right to defend themselves. But never forget, this is YOUR VICTORY that you earned by never giving up!

If you’re not yet a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, hit the box below to get involved TODAY!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition