Breaking…MOFC Headed to Court to Defend SAPA!

Deep down, I always assumed that we would wind up in court.

Now that the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) is the law of the land here in Missouri — already effective thanks to its emergency clause — the power-hungry tyrants in St. Louis have sued to try to overturn this incredible law.

You see, they never thought it was possible that the Missouri Firearms Coalition could get this legislation passed into law, trusting on Senate moderates to kill the bill.

And they damn sure never thought that gun owners would get Governor Mike Parson to sign it into law, especially not with the penalties that remained in House Bill 85.

Having no political clout in Jeff City, the City of St. Louis is hoping that the poorly written, 15-page lawsuit that they just filed in Cole County will allow a judge to single handedly overturn the will of the Missouri legislature

Sure, this lawsuit is full of falsehoods and betrays a complete lack of knowledge of the Constitutional rights that Missouri has in ignoring overbearing federal laws under the 10th Amendment.

But if four years of President Trump being in the White House taught us anything, it’s that the radical left knows that the BEST WAY for them to try to destroy America, is in the courtroom!

We can’t sit back and watch the City of St. Louis and a liberal court destroy our right to keep and bear arms and Missouri’s right to ignore federal tyranny! We must engage! And that is why the Missouri Firearms Coalition is headed to court!

That’s why I am writing you today, to ask for your IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE in funding MOFC’s legal defense of the Second Amendment Preservation Act.


First, I want to make sure you are aware of what is at stake. You see, there is a reason why St. Louis is trying to overturn SAPA law.

Fundamentally, of course, it’s because the City of St. Louis (along with Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, and many other cities) is run by radical leftist political operatives who desperately want the power to take away your guns!

No, the vast majority of Missouri’s cops, deputies, and troopers support the Second Amendment and are thrilled that we were able to pass SAPA into law this year.

But the political leaders of these cities — and their appointees who run their police departments — hate the Second Amendment and are furious that SAPA law prevents them from enforcing federal gun control!

And that’s EXACTLY what this beautiful law does, by:

>>>  Requiring Missouri’s cops, deputies, and troopers to only enforce Missouri laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories!

In other words, Missouri peace officers would not enforce ANY federal gun control laws, meaning that they would go largely unenforced here in Missouri!

>>>  Give Missourians a way to fight back if a liberal police department here in Missouri (like St. Louis) orders their officers to violate SAPA law!

Any violation of SAPA law carries a civil fine of $50,000 per occurrence against the department. More, you would be allowed to file this suit on your own, without having to wait for the Attorney General or anyone else to intervene.

>>>  Protect peace officers who don’t want to be ordered to violate the Constitution, but who also don’t want to lose their job for disobeying an unconstitutional order! 

For all of those officers in this precarious situation, SAPA law protects them from being ordered to enforce any part of Joe Biden’s war on gun owners, as doing so would be illegal. 

That’s why the City of St. Louis and many others here in Missouri HATE SAPA LAW — because our law has teeth and allows individual gun owners to sue the city in civil court!   


But there’s another reason why the liberal left is so desperate to overturn this law. From the Statehouse all the way to the White House, gun-grabbers are terrified that this legislation will spread across America unless they can stop it.

That’s why, just days after Governor Parson signed SAPA into law, the Department of Justice attacked Missouri and demanded that the state refuse to enforce it.

Governor Parson, to his credit, fired back a fantastic letter, telling Joe Biden that Missouri will NOT back down and that the State of Missouri will NOT enforce federal gun control laws and that we WILL enforce our new SAPA law!

With Missouri not falling for their bluster, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is desperately hoping that a judge in Missouri can stop SAPA. In fact, we have reason to believe that the DOJ is DIRECTLY involved in this lawsuit, behind the scenes.

If Joe Biden and the DOJ can overturn Missouri’s SAPA law like this, it will expose Missouri gun owners to federal gun control, and prevent SAPA from advancing in other red states all over the country.

That’s why the Missouri Firearms Coalition is going ‘all in’ to defend the Second Amendment Preservation Act in court — and that’s also why we need your immediate help!


MOFC’s legal team will be filing a major Amicus Brief in Cole County Circuit Court, showing the court the constitutional and legal flaws in the lawsuit filed by the City of St. Louis!

If the court agrees with us, the lawsuit is over and the matter will be settled. If the court proceeds with trying to overturn SAPA law, our Amicus Brief will be one part of the legal strategy that we employ as the case goes to the Missouri Court of Appeals.

And we aren’t going to ‘wing’ this, either.

The legal team that we have hired, Barr and Klein Law, is a powerful law firm in Washington, D.C. that has been involved the fight for the Second Amendment at the state and federal level for years!

Barr and Klein are currently suing the State of Wyoming in federal court on behalf of Wyoming Gun Owners. They are also representing Georgia Gun Owners, in a case before the Federal Election Commission. And they are preparing to sue Joe Biden, if he implements a pistol brace ban, on behalf of Iowa Gun Owners!

Augmenting our D.C. legal team is Graves and Garrett LLC, a Kansas City based law firm headed up by former U.S. Attorney Todd Graves. Together, these two firms are going to lead MOFC’s fight to defend SAPA law

But after our long (and expensive) legislative fight to pass SAPA legislation, I must ask for your help to fund this legal fight. Can you please make a donation of $100 or $250 today?


SAPA is the ONLY THING standing in the gap for gun owners in Missouri. And the legislation we passed is already being copied in pro-gun states all over the country!

But if SAPA falls in court, the momentum behind the crucial legislation will evaporate, and Joe Biden wins.

So if you can’t afford $250 or $100, I hope you’ll strongly consider $75, $50, $25 — or whatever you can afford!

Our lawyer are already engaged in this fight. So please help us fund our legal defense of SAPA by making a donation NOW!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Furious that Missouri’s new Second Amendment Preservation Act is preventing them from enforcing Joe Biden’s war on gun owners, the City of St. Louis suing to block SAPA law!

The Missouri Firearms Coalition got this bill through the legislature and signed into law! Now, we are going to defend it in court.

Our legal team is already working on our first Amicus Brief, and we are preparing to take this fight as high as we need to. But we need your help to continue this fight!


Please make an immediate donation of $250, $100, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford, so that we can HIT HARD in court and protect Missouri’s SAPA law from Joe Biden and the radical leftists who are now running the Department of Justice!

We need your help now — please be generous!