Breaking: Mike Parson Plans to Weaken SAPA Law Next Session!

I think, deep down, we all knew this was coming.

As proud as we all were to se the Missouri legislature pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act — and Governor Mike Parson sign it into law — we all knew that there was a high chance that they would betray gun owners the first chance they got.

But now it’s official.

In a press statement last week, Mike Parson called on the legislature to draft new legislation that will all but DESTROY Missouri’s SAPA law next session! Our sources indicate that this likely will entail guttingthe teeth out of the law! 

Make no mistake: if Mike Parson and the RINO’s in Jeff City remove the civil penalties that make Missouri’s SAPA law the best in the nation, gun owners here will be sitting ducks!

Tell Mike Parson to Leave SAPA Alone

Many states claim to have passed SAPA law this year but didn’t.

What makes Missouri’s SAPA law unique — what makes it the example that is being followed in state capitols all over the country right now — is the fact that if a police department violates SAPA law you can take them to civil court yourself!  

No other state in America has passed this.

That’s why the Department of Justice is trying to stop it. Because they know that if Missouri’s SAPA law stands, it will spread across the country!

But if Mike Parson has his way, Joe Biden and the DOJ won’t have to worry about destroying SAPA law because Parson and the moderates in Jeff City will do it for them!

This is outrageous. So please sign your petition calling on your State Representative and State Senator to leave SAPA law alone!

Tell Mike Parson to Leave SAPA Alone

Gun owners have dealt with this kind of betrayal for years in Jeff City. In fact, this year’s SAPA law was the only gun bill that the legislature signed into law in the last five years.

But this is different. Instead of quietly killing gun bills in committee, Parson and his allies are openly telling us that they are going to try to repeal pro-gun laws already on the books! 

We can’t let Parson get away with this. So please sign your official petition in support of SAPA law, and then I need you to make an immediate donation.

MOFC spent a small fortune getting SAPA legislation passed by the moderates in the Senate. And we spent heavily to put pressure on Mike Parson to sign the bill into law.

Then we spent tens of thousands of dollars successfully defending SAPA law in court, and we are currently facing the likelihood of doing it all over again before the Missouri Supreme Court!

To be able to fight this new political threat, we are going to need help from MOFC members, and we need your help NOW.

Some Missourians can donate $250, $500 or even $1,000 to help us in this fight for freedom and to stop federal tyranny. If that describes you, now is the time for such generosity!

I know that’s a lot. But there’s a lot on the line right now.

For others, I understand that $100, $75, $50 or even just $25 is a lot right now. The amount that you give is entirely up to you; I only ask that you make a donation right away to help us fight!

Missouri’s SAPA law is the only thing standing between gun owners in Missouri and the Executive Orders that are just weeks away from taking effect.

If we lose SAPA, then Missourians will be completely vulnerable to these attacks and the national momentum for SAPA will be stopped dead in its tracks!

That’s what Biden wants. Don’t let Mike Parson give it to him! Take action NOW!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Mike Parson just announced that he will be supporting efforts to gut the heart and soul out of Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act next session!

If this happens and the civil penalties are removed from the law, then anti-gun police departments across the state will be able to violate SAPA law with absolute impunity!

Tell Mike Parson to Leave SAPA Alone

This kind of back-stabbing betrayal from Mike Parson is all-too-common for gun owners in Missouri. But with an election coming up, we can stop this attack if we stand together.

MOFC has spent a small fortune getting SAPA passed and defending it in court. We need your immediate help to defend it from Mike Parson and the moderates in Jeff City.

Please make a generous donation to help us defend SAPA law now!