Biden Video: I’ll Ban AR-15’s Come Hell or High Water!

Joe Biden is hell bent on banning AR-15s this year!

Earlier this week, when speaking at a Democratic Caucus issues conference in Baltimore, Biden made it clear that banning ‘assault weapons’ is his highest priority this Congress.

We all know why.

Joe Biden is a complete tyrant, and he’s following the same playbook as every other tyrant in history: registering, banning, and confiscating firearms from his political opponents.

That’s why Biden is ‘all in’ on S. 25 and H.R. 698, legislation that would make it a FELONY for American citizens to buy a 30-round mag, an AR-15, or any one of hundreds of similar rifles and shotguns! 

Remember, identical legislation passed the House last summer before gun owners killed it off in the Senate.

But don’t think that because Republicans control the House, we’re safe. Almost a dozen RINO traitors voted with Pelosi when this bill came up last year — and they’ll do it again!

In fact, Republicans are the LEAD SPONSORS on a national gun registry bill that was just filed in the House.

Clearly, we can’t trust House Republicans to stop this bill on their own.   

And with Biden having complete control in the Senate, if the House passes this bill, it’s over! Senate Democrats would ‘nuke’ the filibuster, meaning they could pass this with just 51 votes!

Help us crank up the heat, before it’s too late!  





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The stakes couldn’t be higher.

If Joe Biden can prevent us from buying firearms, America will switch from being a nation where ‘We the People’ are in charge, to a subjugated people, where only the government is armed.

Please join the fight today.

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Joe Biden is desperately trying to ban ‘assault weapons’ so  ‘We the People’ have no way to defend ourselves against criminals, or a brutal government bent on tyranny.

And Biden’s not trying to hide this, as you can see above.

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