Anti Red-Flag Legislation Headed to Committee Tomorrow!

House Bill 712, the Missouri Firearms Coalition’s legislation to ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Missouri, is scheduled to be heard in the Emerging Issues Committee tomorrow morning!

As a reminder, ‘Red Flag’ laws allow someone to claim that you’re dangerous and ask a judge to order the confiscation of your firearms before you’ve been arrested/convicted of a crime.

And let’s be honest, given the state of the judiciary these days and their strong desire to cover themselves politically, few (if any) of these ‘Red Flag’ requests are ever denied.

We can’t let ‘Red Flags’ get a foothold here in Missouri!

That’s why I hope you’ll send the members of this committee a PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL, urging them to advance HB-712 with no weakening amendments!


Last year, Joe Biden passed a massive gun control bill that gave him $750,000,000 to use in bribing the states into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws, making it that much more tempting for RINOs here.

And that’s why Representative Mazzie Boyd’s HB-712 is a must have for Missouri! That’s because HB-712 would:

>>> Define, and then ban, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in Missouri; which would end a judge’s ability to confiscate your guns based on a bogus complaint from a bitter ex-spouse.

>>> Ban the use of federal dollars to enforce ‘Red Flag’ laws; this legislation will take away the carrot that Biden is using as he tries to convince RINOs to pass ‘Red Flags.’

>>> Establishes civil penalties of $50,000 per offense, so that if a jurisdiction violates this law and enforces a ‘Red Flag’ law, that agency could be sued in civil court.

But for House Bill 712 to become law, it first needs to be approved by the House Emerging Issues Committee! So please send them your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL right away.


To be clear, there are some ferocious champions for the Second Amendment that sit on this committee.

But there are also some hostile members on this committee, and they need to hear from you right away. So please fire off your email today and make sure your friends do, too! 

Remember, MOFC won’t be the only ones there on this bill.

Bloomberg’s forces will be there opposing this bill.

STL and KC law enforcement will be there opposing this bill.

And potentially dozens of other lobby organizations will be joining them.

So after you’ve sent off your email, please make a generous donation to help MOFC keep putting pressure on the legislature to advance this bill!

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‘Red Flag’ laws destroy our due process rights.

They end the concept that we’re innocent until proven guilty.

And they give the Left what they’ve always wanted: the ability to disarm gun owners en masse through bureaucratic processes, and without having to get a conviction in court! 

So take action today!  

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition