All Eyes on Virginia TOMORROW!

Ever since the radical left flipped the House of Delegates and the State Senate in 2019, Virginia has been hit with wave after wave of the worst gun control legislation you can imagine.

In two years’ time Virginia enacted ‘Red Flag’ laws, a statewide gun registry, a one-gun-a-month policy, local gun control ordinances that supersede state law and much more.

That’s why ALL EYES are on Virginia tomorrow, where the Governor’s mansion and the House of Delegates are up for grabs (the state has off-year elections) in the first major election cycle since the 2020 presidential showdown.

Make no mistake, what happens in Virginia tomorrow night has implications that extend far outside of the state, as these elections serve as a referendum on Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats.

That’s why the American Firearms Association — our national affiliate — has been busy working in Virginia making sure that every gun owner in the state knows what’s at stake tomorrow. 

As a member of the Missouri Firearms Coalition, I thought you might enjoy seeing one of AFA’s digital ads in this race. Check it out below!

This is the gun-grabbers’ goal across America: flip ‘red’ states ‘blue’ and pass as much gun control legislation into law as possible, while preserving their majority. The left knows that if they do this, it will embolden gun grabbers across the country! 

But if gun owners can take back the House of Delegates OR the Governor’s mansion, it will send a message to gun grabbers all over the country that in this environment, voting against the Second Amendment is a great way to lose your re-election.

The American Firearms Association knows what’s at stake, and that’s why they are leading the charge to expose Communist Terry McAuliffe and the rest of the radical left in Virginia.

There are plenty of national gun groups that all claim to be fighting for gun owners. All of them are raising lots of money from gun owners with Joe Biden in the White House.

But very few of them are actually in the trenches in Virginia — where they are needed most right now — fighting to hold the line for freedom and the future of this country.

That’s why I wanted to make sure you saw the American Firearms Association’s ad. AFA is different. They play for keeps at the national level just like the Missouri Firearms Coalition does here in Jefferson City, and we’re proud to have them as our national affiliate!

Keep an eye out on what happens in Virginia tomorrow night.

And then redouble your efforts to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition make sure that the radical left never has a chance to attack our Second Amendment freedoms here in Missouri!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. Gun owners across the country will be watching what happens in Virginia tomorrow night, as the House of Delegates and the Governor’s mansion are up for grabs.

This election will be a referendum on the horrific gun control laws that the General Assembly enacted in the last two years, and on Joe Biden’s war against freedom in D.C.

The American Firearms Association is doing everything they can to make gun-grabbers pay a political price in Virginia, because if gun owners flip the General Assembly in Richmond, it will send a loud message to gun grabbers across the country!

<<< Check out AFA’s ad here! >>>