ALERT: Moderates Want to Roll Back SAPA in Jeff City!

This is urgent.

Please take a moment to read our recent update about the effort that is ALREADY BEING PLANNED by some moderate Republicans in Jeff City to weaken our new SAPA law!

One State Senator and two State Representatives recently told the Daily American Republic — the newspaper in Poplar Bluff –that they will be working to ‘fix’ Missouri’s SAPA law next session.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of our ‘friends’ in Jeff City being more concerned about pleasing statewide media outlets and sounding ‘reasonable’ at forums, than they are about fighting to defend our gun rights from Joe Biden and the radical left!

Now MOFC is being told that a growing number of moderates in the legislature want to strip SAPA’s penalties away. If that happens, then anti-gun police departments (like St. Louis, KC, Springfield, Columbia, and many more) could violate SAPA law and gun owners like you and me couldn’t do a damn thing about it!

Sure, now that they are hearing from gun owners like you from across the state, Senator Bean and Representative Atchison are trying to run away from their comments, or deny they ever made them.

But check out the headline below, and tell me if you think that there’s NOT an effort underway to weaken SAPA law! You can also read this story, by clicking here.

The Missouri Firearms Coalition is not in the business of protecting politicians. We’re in the business of protecting the Second Amendment. Period.

So read the email below, and then help us CRUSH this betrayal immediately by calling and emailing Senator Bean, Rep. Atchison and Rep. Billington right away!

— Aaron

Dear Friend —

I wish I could say I’m surprised, but I’m not.

While the ink is still drying on Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act law — and while the legal fight over SAPA is just beginning — already there are moderates in Jeff City that are vowing to weaken SAPA next session!

So far Senator Jason Bean, along with Representatives’ Daryl Atchison and Hardy Billington, have announced their intentions to try to weaken SAPA during the 2022 legislative session.

But insiders report that this could be just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, having not passed a gun bill since 2016, it’s clear that for a large chuck of the legislature, the Second Amendment is not a top priority.

For many of these moderates, they voted the right way on House Bill 85 for one reason: overwhelming amounts of grassroots pressure from gun owners like you!

And now that the media and anti-gun police departments across Missouri are angry about the impact of SAPA, these moderates are planning to attack SAPA law the first chance they get.

We can’t let this cancerous betrayal spread through the legislature, and that’s why I hope you will contact these three politicians right away!

>>> Senator Jason Bean
Phone: 573-751-4843

Facebook: Go here
Email:  Go here

>>> Rep. Darrell Atchison
Phone: 573-751-1066

Facebook: Go here
Email: [email protected]

>>> Rep. Hardy Billington
Phone: 573-751-4039

Facebook: Go here
Email: [email protected]

(To be fair, Billington seems totally confused about what SAPA law does and his criticisms of the new law seem based in that deep confusion, not a malicious spirit.)

Your message is simple: Get your damn hands off of the Second Amendment Preservation Act! If you touch this new law, gun owners will unleash on you next year and you won’t forget it!

As you know, SAPA law simply orders Missouri cops to enforce Missouri laws. It doesn’t change the laws on who can own or carry a firearm. It doesn’t set honest law enforcement agencies up for a lawsuit. But it does make it impossible for anti-gun departments to enforce Biden’s gun control here in Missouri!

That’s why these departments hate SAPA law, and that’s why they hope that moderates in Jeff City take a sledgehammer to SAPA law next session!

So please contact the names listed above and unload on them! Gun owners fought for years to pass SAPA and now that it’s the law, we’re not going to just calmly sit back while moderates try to undo it.

After you contact these three, please make a donation to help the Missouri Firearms Coalition fight for SAPA law. We are days away from filing our first Amicus brief in this case, and the initial legal action kicks off THIS COMING THURSDAY!

Whatever amount you can afford will help us fight for SAPA and ready our push to expand Missouri Stand-Your-Ground law next session.

So please donate right away!

For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition

P.S. The Second Amendment Preservation Act is just two months old, and already Republican backstabbers are talking about their plans to weaken this crucial law next session.

Please contact the three politicians listed above, and tell them to ‘BACK OFF’ of the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

And with the first hearing over SAPA taking place in just five days, I hope you’ll make an immediate donation to help us defend this crucial law in court with a generous donation today!