Special Session Begins TODAY!

A special legislative session begins this morning in Jefferson City, and based on everything we’ve seen from the far left and the weak-kneed moderates in the news, you need to take action! 

This special session is supposedly being called to deal with gun-violence in Missouri’s biggest cities. 

Insiders report that this ‘special’ is more about helping politicians in Jeff City score political points before the primary election that is taking place in eight days, than it is about dealing with crime. 

And that’s what makes this special session so dangerous for gun owners. Governor Parson and many politicians are willing to say (and possibly do) almost anything to obtain favor from the media and anti-gun radicals across the state. 

Of course, this is a fool’s errand. 

Governor Parson should recognize that there can be no compromise with hate-America socialists who want to destroy our country and our beautiful Second Amendment with it. Instead of trying to pass ‘reasonable’ gun control, they should immediately repeal ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Missouri! 

But if you caught Governor Parson’s press conference from last week, you know that advancing our gun rights is NOT on the agenda!


On the contrary, it’s clear that this special session is going to be a springboard for radical gun control that the Missouri Firearms Coalition has been warring against for years in Jeff City! 

Rep. Barbara Washington is filing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation the moment the gavel drops. This legislation would allow the courts to have your firearms seized before you have been arrested or convicted of anything! 

Rep. Greg Razer, reportedly, will be filing ‘Universal Background Check’ legislation that would put you in prison for the ‘crime’ of privately buying or selling a firearm here in Missouri without government permission. 

Other politicians will be filing legislation to strip you of your right to buy an AR-15 or the 30-round mags that feed them. 

I hope you’re following this. This isn’t about stopping crime. This is about tracking, registering, and confiscating our firearms, and turning Missouri into the next Illinois! 

That’s why you need to pound your politicians in Jeff City with our pre-written email campaign immediately — and tell them to vote no on every single gun control bill that comes up during this special session! 


Every single ‘red state’ that eventually passed radical gun control (think Colorado, Florida, New Mexico) and turned ‘blue,’ started right where we are now, with weak Republicans trying to placate radical gun-grabbers. 

Governor Parson should be excoriating St. Louis and Kansas City for their war against gun owners, which has led to out of control violence. But he won’t.  

Governor Parson should be moving to get rid of so many deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ to give gun owners a fighting chance against violent thugs. But he won’t. 

Governor Parson should stop talking about his willingness to repeal Constitutional Carry law. But he won’t. 

We need to boot stomp this weakness before it can take root here in Missouri! We need to remind these politicians who they work for! And we need to send a message that the fastest way to the unemployment line is to show weakness in the face of the liberal gun grabbers who want to crush our right to keep and bear arms! 


Then I hope you’ll consider a donation to make sure the Missouri Firearms Coalition can keep FIGHTING to expose anti-gunners during the 2020 primary and general elections. 

We’re hammering away at these back-stabbing moderates like Kathy Swan, David Cole, and so many others with ads like thisthis, and this but we need your help to finish this cycle strong. 

This is a war! 

Please help with a generous contribution TODAY!


For Missouri,

Aaron Dorr
Political Director
Missouri Firearms Coalition


P.S. A politically-driven ‘Special Session’ is kicking off today in Jeff City, to address the issue of gun-violence in Missouri cities like St. Louis and Kansas City. 

America-hating liberals will be filing a mountain of gun control bills once the gavel drops. And weak-kneed moderates (including Governor Parson) are looking to make a deal to appear reasonable to the media in advance of the elections!

That’s why I hope you’ll send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your politicians in Jeff City, demanding that they VOTE NO on any and all gun control bills that come up

Help MOFC fight back against gun control during this special session and make sure we have the resources to continue exposing anti-gun moderates during the last week of the primary election cycle by donating below! 

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